SIIS prepares for SpaceEye-T's high-resolution satellite launch

SIIS prepares for SpaceEye-T's high-resolution satellite launch

SI Imaging Services (SIIS) is gearing up for the launch of an innovative 100%-commercial optical satellite with high-end resolution capabilities. This strategic initiative, in collaboration with its parent company Satrec Initiative, aims to shake up both domestic and international satellite data markets by introducing the advanced SpaceEye-T imagery alongside the established KOMPSAT imagery offerings in 2025.

SpaceEye-T, fully funded and manufactured by Satrec Initiative (SI), stands as a high-end achievement in Earth observation technology. From its orbit approximately 600km above the Earth's surface, this extraordinary satellite can discern objects as small as 30cm with exceptional clarity. This level of precision holds significant potential across various sectors, such as construction monitoring and industrial inspections. Notably, the 30cm resolution eliminates the need for traditional data collection methods reliant on drones or aircraft.

Advancing EO technology

At the moment, only a select few nations possess commercial satellites with such high-end resolution capabilities. The meticulous manufacturing process of SpaceEye-T is progressing smoothly, adhering diligently to the scheduled launch timeline. Anticipated to be propelled into space aboard a SpaceX rocket next year, this groundbreaking satellite promises to advance the capabilities of Earth observation technology.

The front of the satellite comprises the satellite body, while the prominent black pillar at the rear houses a large lens to be mounted onto the satellite.

SpaceEye-T epitomizes SIIS's next-generation satellite technology, boasting significant improvements in performance compared to its predecessors. With an impressive resolution of 30cm, SpaceEye-T can meticulously observe the Earth's surface, offering valuable insights across various domains such as urban planning, natural resource management, disaster response, and military operations. The deployment of such ultra-high-resolution satellites is poised to usher in a new era of innovative applications across multiple sectors, leveraging the inherent advantages they offer.

"Our growing constellation provides a reliable intelligence source, enabling a faster, more accurate response to changes occurring anywhere on the planet. Our vision takes the Earth observation industry one step further, helping commercial sector customers easily access the clearer and faster satellite data that can bolster their decision-making during critical situations in various industries," remarked Moongyu Kim, CEO of SIIS.

SIIS has ambitious plans to launch three additional SpaceEye-T satellites by 2027.

Engineers assembling the SpaceEye-T satellite. (Image courtesy: SI Imaging Services)
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