PlanetObserver presents Global Basemap 2024

PlanetObserver presents Global Basemap 2024

PlanetObserver has unveiled the PlanetSAT Global Basemap 2024, aiming to enhance geospatial data applications across various industries. The latest iteration of this renowned basemap provides users with up-to-date, cloud-free and consistent imagery at a 10m resolution.

The PlanetSAT Global Basemap 2024 introduces several improvements aimed at empowering professionals in diverse fields. One of them is the expanded coverage: with the integration of over 6 million square kilometres of new Sentinel imagery, the 2024 version offers updated coverage across key regions globally. Notable updates include United Kingdom and Ireland, with a complete refreshment of the British Isles with the latest Sentinel-2 imagery, ensuring cloud-free and homogeneous coverage. For the USA, Mexico and Southern Canada there is full coverage with new 10m Sentinel-2 imagery across these significant North American territories.

Further improvements include updates to over 100 cities worldwide, providing greater detail in urban areas and offering more recent and reliable views. Additionally, 30 points of interest have been updated, encompassing critical industrial features such as mining operations and solar farms, refreshed with Sentinel-2 imagery.

Continuity and clarity

Building on the success of the sharpness filter introduced in the previous version, PlanetSAT 2024 maintains this feature. This allows users to explore the planet with enhanced clarity, ensuring continuity in visual interpretation.

The PlanetSAT 10m imagery basemap boasts an impressive cloud-free coverage of over 95% across the Earth's surface, with only scattered cloud cover remaining in tropical regions. This achievement is made possible through an advanced methodology leveraging seasonal data to procure the best cloud-free imagery for each continent. Unlike common practices that alter cloudy areas' colours to create a uniform appearance, PlanetObserver prioritizes data integrity.

Seasonal consistency worldwide

The dedication to seasonal uniformity in PlanetSAT 2024 ensures that selected images capture the vivid colours of spring and summer. By strategically choosing imagery from these seasons, the basemap guarantees a seamless transition and consistency in colours throughout the entire map, enhancing visual appeal and geographic feature understanding.

Utilizing the latest Sentinel-2 data, PlanetSAT Global 2024 delivers a detailed representation of the Earth at a 1:50,000 map scale. With a 10m resolution, the basemap is tailored for various applications such as mapping, visualization, planning, and decision-making across multiple sectors.

PlanetSAT Global combines advanced image processing techniques to create a continuous and consistent global view, enhancing mapping and visual simulation solutions. Available in professional formats like GeoTIFF, JPEG 2000, and COG, the basemap seamlessly integrates into a variety of project workflows, offering flexibility and adaptability.

Potash evaporation ponds in West Taiji Nai'er Lake, China. (Image courtesy: PlanetSAT)

PlanetObserver also offers a free interactive world viewer featuring the PlanetSAT 2024 Global basemap on their website. This user-friendly tool allows users to navigate the world with full clarity at a 10-metre resolution, catering to both casual users and industry professionals.


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