Mobile Mapping

Mobile mapping system Collecting geospatial data from a moving platform is known as ‘mobile mapping’. Mobile mapping systems are often equipped with a variety of photographic, radar, Lidar or other types of remote sensing systems. GIM International has picked a selection of the best mobile mapping stories, ranging from mobile mapping using cars to other platforms such as a backpack.

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How to Use Mobile Mapping for CAD & BIM As-built Documentation

There is a general acknowledgement in the scanning and mapping industry that, compared to terrestrial laser scanners (TLS), mobile mapping systems significantly increase scann... (read more)
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Building a Global 3D Routing Map

Mapping company HERE, co-owned by German automotive companies Audi, BMW, and Daimler, uses a fleet of more than 200 cars to collect dense point cloud data about roads around t... (read more)
Mobile Mapping

Column: 3D Mobile Mapping

Over the last few years street-level mobile mapping and reality capturing has quietly become one of the most important geospatial mapping technologies. There are already hundr... (read more)

Semantically Enriching Point Clouds

Students in their second - and hence final - year of the Master in Geomatics programme at Delft University of Technology embarked on a ten-week Geomatics Synthesis Projec... (read more)

Road Maintenance with an MMS

A mobile mapping system (MMS) enables laser data and images of a road and its vicinity to be collected from a van or other moving platform. Here, the author describes data col... (read more)

Modelling Facade Geometry

Due to the rapid changes of urbanisation, up-to-date, complex and realistic building models enriched with facade features are increasingly in demand in many countries. The Mob... (read more)
Mobile Mapping

Capturing Geospatial Data from Vehicle Platforms

Jacobs Geomatics provides support and consultancy to the company’s wider design and engineering services. In recent years Jacobs’ UK geomatics team has been involv... (read more)

Mobile Terrestrial Solution for Surveying and Indoor Mapping

Geomatics engineering is an emerging technology discipline that specialises in acquiring, processing, modelling, analysing, and managing geospatial information. The Geomatics... (read more)

Laser Scanner in a Backpack

Laser scanning systems have gone through a major evolution in the past decade. After the initial breakthrough of airborne laser scanners (ALS), other types of laser scanning s... (read more)

Laser Scanning on the Go

As the world's population keeps growing and changes in buildings and infrastructures become more rapid, there is an increasing need to document this growth and these chan... (read more)
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