GIS – A New Direction?

GIS – A New Direction?

Valued reader,

It is with some sadness that I must inform you that this edition will be the final printed edition of GIS Professional. The difficult decision follows careful consideration by the publication's owners who feel that the geospatial industry requires a new fresh approach to content and marketing.

As maps have become more mainstream and accessible, GIS has become a less easy to define a field to explain to other non-GIS folk and to, therefore, promote as the discipline which it once was. At the same time however, locational intelligence has become of new frontier of opportunity for many industries and the geospatial knowledge and skills which our industry possesses has almost limitless potential. I therefore believe that GIS Professional is stepping aside in order to allow great new things to happen for the industry.

In terms of this final edition, we have, as always, some excellent content. This includes regular news and updates from across the increasingly satellite and data dominated geospatial world. Neil Brammall of Utility Survey Exchange shares his experience of participating in the recent NWG Innovation Festival, David Green of University of Aberdeen provides an interesting GIS-focused look on the Toll Road network in Scotland, while San Francisco's Mike Foster explains how the world has entered a 'Golden Age of Mapping' wherein new digital skills have become an essential prerequisite. In addition, we also have insights from our regular contributors Abigail Page and Adena Schutzberg.

To conclude, I would like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as editor of this well-respected publication and have endeavoured to bring new writers, new ideas and a new feel to the magazine. I would also like to thank our many readers, contributors, advertisers, and supporters, such as the AGI. Finally, a special thanks to GIS Professional's parent company, Geomares, for giving me the opportunity to work in this position. I strongly encourage you to follow their other excellent publications such as GIM International, Hydro International, Products4Engineers, and Geomatics World and/or to explore their unique marketing services.

We live in a very different world from when GIS Professional first began, one where change has become norm. However, GIS is more than just software, just as it is much more than any one publication. Rather, the discipline and its community represent a unique holistic way of thinking about the world and its challenges. In today's age especially, this way of thinking must be both protected and nurtured. If you would like to keep in touch, then please connect with me via LinkedIn.

This article was published in GIS Professional October 2018


A Note from the Publisher

Dear reader,

It is with sadness that we have to announce that this is the last printed issue of GIS Professional – the online platform will continue as normal. The printed version has been around for exactly 14 years, starting with the November/December 2004 issue, and now the last being October 2018 – a great achievement in this growing digital age! GIS Professional established itself as a leading magazine in the field of GIS and all its applications. But times are changing and it’s getting more and more difficult to keep printed magazines afloat.

I want to thank all who worked on and supported this great magazine over the years. Of that long list, I want to name a few. First, our current editor Niall Conway, who always had insightful views and opinions on the field of GIS. I wish him all the best for the future and have no doubt he’ll put his skills to good use in another place to further strengthen the role of GIS. Secondly, Jason Poole, our content manager, who carefully put together and sub-edited the magazines for the last few years; and lastly, advertising manager Sharon Robson, who has been instrumental in making the connection between the GIS manufacturers and its users. I definitely should not forget AGI who has been an avid supporter of the magazine and a pillar underneath it throughout the years.

I would like to invite you all to keep track of our website to keep up to date on all news and read up on developments in GIS and adjacent technologies. See you there!

Durk Haarsma, publisher, GIS Professional.

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