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Geomares Publishing - Office

Financial director - Meine van der Bijl
Account manager - Sybout Wijma 
Content manager - Wim van Wegen

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Editorial Team

GIM International's editorial team

Publishing director

Durk Haarsma
Durk Haarsma began publishing magazines, including GIM International, on behalf of Reed Business Geo, having over the previous ten years gathered professional experience as a journalist, editor and radio news reporter. A business buyout and rebranding at the end of 2009 resulted in the new publishing house, Geomares Publishing, of which he is now publishing director. Contact Durk Haarsma via e-mail:

Senior editor

Dr. Ir. Mathias Lemmens
Dr. Ir. Mathias Lemmens is senior editor of GIM International, holds a post at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, and operates as an international consultant and technical advisor specialized in the fields of remote sensing, photogrammetry, Lidar and GIS, particularly focussing on emerging and developing countries. Geodesist by training he has over twenty-five year research, lecturing and advisory experience.

Contributing editors

Dr. Ir. Christiaan Lemmen
Christiaan Lemmen holds a degree in Geodesy from the University of Delft, The Netherlands. He is an assistant professor at the International Institute of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation ITC and an international consultant for Kadaster International, the International Department of the Netherlands Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency.

Dr. Ir. Bastiaan van Loenen
Bastiaan holds a PhD from Delft University of Technology, and a M.Sc. from The University of Maine (Spatial Information Science and Engineering)  and TU Delft (Geodetic Engineering). Since 2000, he is employed by Delft University of Technology, section Geo-information en Land development at the OTB Research institute for Housing, Urban and Mobility Studies.

Dr. Rohan Bennett
Rohan is an assistant professor at University Twente, International Institute of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation ITC, The Netherlands, and UNU School for Land Administration Studies. He is also an honorary fellow with the Centre for SDIs and Land Administration at the University of Melbourne Australia. 

Frédérique Coumans
Since 1993 Frédérique Coumans was editor-in-chief of three highly appreciated, independent magazines in the Benelux. She covered for more than 20 years all aspects of spatial data infrastructures; one magazine specialized on data-mining. She lives near Brussels, Belgium.


Lynn Radford, Englishproof

Editorial Board

Ir Paul van Asperen
Dr Bharat Lohani 

Editorial manager

Wim van Wegen, e-mail: . Please send news and pressreleases to

Regional correspondents

Ulrich Boes (Bulgeria)
Assoc Prof. Dr. Alper Cabuk (Turkey)
Papa Oumar Dieye (Niger)
Dr. Olajide Kufoniyi (Nigeria)
Dr. Dmitry Kurtener (Russia)
Dr. Jonathan Li (Canada)
Dr. Carlos Lopez (Uruguay)
Dr. B. Babu Madhavan (Japan)
Dr. Wilber Ottichilo (Kenya)
Dr. Carl Reed (USA)
Dr. Aniruddha Roy (India)
Prof. Dr. Heinz Ruther (South Africa)
Dr. Tania Maria Sausen (Brazil)

Editorial Advisory Board

Mr Joseph Betit,Senior Surveyor, Dewberry, USA
Mr Santiago Borrero, Secretary-general of Pan American Institute of Geography and History (PAIGH), Mexico
Prof. Deren Li, Wuhan University, China
Prof. Stig Enemark, Honorary President, FIG, Denmark 
Dr. Andrew U Frank, Head, Institute for Geoinformation, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Dr. Ayman Habib, Professor and Head, Department of Geomatics Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada
Dr. Gabor Remetey-Fülöpp, Secretary General, Hungarian Association for Geo-information (HUNAGI), Hungary
Dr. Susumu Hattori, Professor, Department of Information Processing Engineering, Fukuyama University, Japan
Prof. Paul van der Molen, Twente University, The Netherlands
Prof. Dr. Ir. Martien Molenaar, Twente Univeristy, The Netherlands
Prof. Shunji Murai, Institute Industrial Science, University of Tokyo, Japan
Prof. David Rhind, ret. Vice-Chancellor, The City University, United Kingdom
Prof. Dr. Heinz Rüther, University of Cape Town, Department of Geomatics, South Africa
Mr Francois Salgé, Secretary-general, National Council for Géographic 'Information (CNIG), France
Mr. David Schell, President, Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), USA
Prof. Toni Schenk, Professor, The Ohio State University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, USA
Prof. John C Trinder, School of Surveying and GIS, The University of New South Wales, Australia