Norbert Pfeifer

Prof Norbert Pfeifer obtained his PhD in terrain modelling from TU Wien in Austria, then moved to TU Delft in The Netherlands in 2003 to working as an assistant professor in laser scanning. In 2006 he became senior researcher at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, in the Department of Geography and became a full professor in photogrammetry at TU Wien in 2009. His research interests include photogrammetry and laser scanning, from the measurement process, orientation and calibration to 3D modelling and applications in the environmental sciences.


UAS-borne Lidar for Mapping Complex Terrain and Vegetation Structure

The development of lightweight, survey-grade Lidar sensors has made it possible to equip unmanned aerial systems (UASs) with very precise laser scanners, thus opening up new possibilities in the domain of close-range 3D mapping. To test the capabilities of UAS-borne laser scanning, a flight experime... (read more)