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About Bluesky International Limited

Bluesky International is the UK’s leading aerial survey company producing and maintaining seamless digital aerial photography and height data on a national scale in Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland, as well as conducting surveys for overseas customers in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The US sister company, Bluesky Geospatial, operates out of Massachusetts and delivers custom projects across a range of regions in the US for a wide variety of customers. 

With innovation at its core, Bluesky has developed a suite of products and services which deliver a level of detail designed to support new ways of working and a need for enhanced data. MetroVista is one such product which supports the growth of digital twin and smart city applications for customers such as policy makers, planners, developers, engineers, surveyors, environmentalists and insurers. MetroVista data is captured using the Leica Citymapper 2 which allows the simultaneous collection of vertical and oblique imagery, as well as LiDAR data. To date, MetroVista data has been collected and processed for numerous cities in both the UK and US. 

In addition to the two Leica CityMapper 2 sensors, Bluesky operates three Vexcel Ultracam Eagle M3s. These systems, plus two wholly owned and dedicated production facilities in India, put Bluesky in the enviable position of being able to provide customers with unique and cost effective geospatial solutions. 

Bluesky International has offices in the UK, US, Republic of Ireland and India. Founded in 2003, Bluesky is a privately owned company, headquartered the UK.

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