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About SOMAG AG Jena

SOMAG AG Jena is a global specialist for high-precision gimbal systems. The company, consisting of hand-picked experts in the fields of electronics, mechanics and software, focuses since 2004 on the development and manufacture of Gyro Stabilization Mounts for data acquisition and surveillance applications in the air, on land and at sea. The company boasts a global distribution network and a broad customer base in more than 50 countries, including commercial enterprises, government agencies, defense organizations and research institutions.

Today, SOMAG is the world market leader for stabilization platforms in the field of aerial photogrammetry and an OEM supplier for leading sensor manufacturers, but has always maintained its position in the market as an independent supplier. The uniqueness of customer projects and the multitude of different applications drives the SOMAG team to offer customized solutions and to improve performance with each newly developed device. This is why SOMAG Mounts set the pace for gyro stabilization devices worldwide.

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GSM 4000

The GSM 4000 is a Gyro Stabilization Mount for large format airborne sensor systems. Equipped with high-precision built-in sensors, the GSM 4000 is designed to...

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DSM 400

Cost efficient and medium modular airborne stabilization devices gain more and more importance. For this case, SOMAG AG Jena has developed the Dynamic Stabiliza...

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CSM 40

The Compact Stabilization Mount 40 is an extra small Gyro Stabilization Mount for single medium format cameras and sensors. Equipped with high-precision built-i...

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OSM 4000

The OSM 4000 is a two-axis gimbal for precise sensor stabilization in harsh marine and land environments. The gyro mount ensures high-quality data capturing and...

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RSM 400

The Ruggedized Stabilization Mount 400 is a two-axis gimbal for marine and land applications. The Mount compensates roll and pitch motions and is specifically d...

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NSM 400

The NSM 400 is a medium-sized gimbal between the smaller RSM 400 and the larger OSM 4000 and complements the SOMAG product portfolio of Gyro Stabilization Platf...

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