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About Lidaretto

Lidaretto is flexible and compact Lidar scanning system developed since 2015 and uniquely designed to be used the way that fits best to users’ specific application. You can easily mount and swap it between multiple platforms like UAV, car, backpack, squad, bike, train, USV, etc. Featuring LiDAR module with multiple returns and range up to 300m makes it ideal choice for UAV applications requiring longest possible flight time. Highest quality of the outputted point clouds is ensured by using best available technologies from LiDAR and GNSS/IMU manufacturers and own state of art processing algorithms. Investment in Lidaretto opens to its user wide range of job opportunities that can be done faster, more comfortable and safer than ever before.

Ultimate flexibility of Lidaretto allows to be used in wide range of the applications in different industries where accurate and reliable 3D data needs to be captured. It can be surveying company, or construction company, foresters, archeologists, mining crew, GIS mapping or BIM modeling. Data from Lidaretto can be used for creating the maps for driving autonomous cars. It can be used by universities for different research projects.

Lidaretto is able to significantly increase the productivity of its owner and thus his competitiveness. E.g., surveying company needs several days and multiple crews to map an urban area using traditional surveying equipment like RTK rovers and total station. The same job can be done by two operators combining use of Lidaretto mounted on car, UAV or backpack depending on the situation for fraction of the time spent in the field.  3D data captured with surveying accuracy will be stitched together to create complete presentation of reality and further processed to provide any desired final output. Great is that same captured data can be used several times for different cases in the future without the need to go to the field again.