Premium Positioning


Premium Positioning

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    5652 AR Eindhoven

About Premium Positioning

We believe that everyone in the world should be able to use precise positioning services. Through our unique proposition, we do everything we can to deliver this mission. Since 2019 we offer our solutions in over 25 European countries serving thousands of clients. Backed by our partner CNH industrial, we deliver the best possible network and service.

Premium Positioning Services

Industries we are in:
Surveying, machine control, UAV, autonomous driving and marine.

Our offer:
The best qualitative RTK Network for the sharpest price.

  • Some key words about our business and services:
  • Globally present with over 2.000 base stations
  • Accuracy of <1.5cm with European certification
  • Continuity with 99.998% uptime since 2018
  • Availability in 25+ European countries
  • Proven with >20.000 subscriptions
  • Compatibility with every GNSS device
  • Universal with standard RTCM format
  • Density with an average baseline distance of 70 km
  • Trustworthiness through partnership with CNH Industrial
  • Convenience by working cross-border with same settings

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