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About Tersus GNSS

Tersus GNSS is providing affordable, centimetre-precision GNSS solutions to improve the quality of life for everyone. Independent core technologies in surveying, automation and GNSS correction enable us to broaden the application of our solutions. Tersus GNSS RTK boards to integrated solutions; Tersus software, hardware, and services make high-precision positioning more accessible. (e.g., the Tersus BX40C is a compact GNSS RTK board with full constellation tracking for providing cm-level accuracy positioning; the Oscar is a new generation of tilt survey GNSS receiver with calibration-free tilt compensation.)

Founded in 2014, Tersus GNSS is rapidly expanding in the global market. The continuous investment in R&D is crucial to maintain our rapid growth in an extremely fast-changing environment. Tersus GNSS solutions are used all over the world. Office and employees located in China, the US, Australia, coupled with a competent network of dealers and distribution partners, serve and support our customers.

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Tersus GNSS

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Oscar GNSS RTK Receiver

The Oscar GNSS Receiver is a new generation GNSS RTK system. It supports a calibration-free tilt compensation function which is immune to magnetic disturbances,...

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UAV PPK Solution

Tersus UAV PPK solution includes BX316RĀ PPK Receiver, AX3705 Helix Antenna and Tersus GeoPix Software. BX316R PPK Receiver supports multi-constellations and dua...

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