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About Trimble OEM GNSS

Dedicated to the world’s tomorrow, Trimble is a technology company delivering solutions that enable our customers to work in new ways to measure, build, grow and move goods for a better quality of life. Core technologies in positioning, modelling, connectivity and data analytics connect the digital and physical worlds to improve productivity, quality, safety, transparency and sustainability. 

Trimble GNSS technology delivers position integrity and localization as it relates to the overall safety and accuracy of operations. With the increase in demand for high-quality, reliable positioning, Trimble has developed leading high-precision solutions to ensure the application can operate successfully in all conditions. 

Positioning – and so much more

There’s more to solving today’s industry challenges than accuracy alone. We’ll empower you with customized solutions that work whenever you need them, now and into the future. And we make them easy for anyone to use.

BD970 Receiver Module

The Trimble BD970 GNSS system is a compact multi-constellation receiver designed to deliver centimeter accuracy to a variety of applications.

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BD940 Receiver Module

The Trimble BD940 is a multi-constellation receiver that has been designed for applications requiring centimeter accuracy in a very small package.

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BD940-INS Receiver Module

Taking advantage of Trimble’s expertize in both GNSS and Inertial technology the Trimble® BD940-INS module has been designed for applications requiring continuo...

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BD990 Receiver Module

The Trimble BD990 supports triple-frequency for the GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo constellations. As the number of satellites in the constellations grows the...

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AV28 GNSS Antenna

A precise triple-frequency, L-band antenna ideal for UAV and aerial applications where weight and size of the antenna really matter.

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AV59 GNSS Antenna

Equipped with a bulkhead mounting, the AV59 is designed to support centimeter-level accuracy for aerial and land applications.

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AG25 GNSS Antenna

Trimble AG25 GNSS antenna is designed with superior signal tracking and magnetic mounts making it ideal for high-precision land applications.

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BD992 Receiver Module

The Trimble BD992 GNSS system is a single-board solution for precise position and heading. Single-antenna GNSS systems have difficulty determining where the ant...

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