GIM International Presents Academy4Geo

Welcome to our brand-new e-learning website! At GIM International, we like to inspire professionals to grow their knowledge. In addition to our regular range of articles, case studies and other content, we now offer a number of mini online courses on this website. We hope you find our e-learning tools useful. Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions!

e-Learning GNSS

Global Navigation Satellite Systems are the main method of positioning for geo-information data collection. However, ‘standard’ GNSS is often not accurate enough for that purpose. As a result, various augmentation techniques have been developed over the years. Examples are (public) Space Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS), Real Time Kinematic dGNSS (RTK) and Precise Point Positioning (PPP). Each of these techniques has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this E-learning you will learn about the differences between the various GNSS augmentation techniques.

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e-Learning Lidar

Capturing ‘just’ aerial photographs is often not enough anymore. Users require 3D models to fit in their new developments or to correctly assess the suitability of a terrain. For this two options are available, ‘classic’ photogrammetry from aerial photographs or Lidar measurements. The advantage of Lidar is that the point cloud is a direct output from the sensor and can thus allow the capture of more detail. Often Lidar is used together with aerial photography to add texture and colour to the collected height data. In this E-learning you will learn about the challenges and possibilities of Lidar data and its combination with aerial photography.

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