GIM International: Business Guide 2017

GIM Business Guide 2017

The 2017 edition of the GIM International Business Guide provides you insights into where the market is heading this year, in terms of both technology and business trends. This year's edition contains features on agriculture, construction, heritage mapping, land administration and mining. Besides this, you will find an article that reveals the valuable insights we obtained from our readers' survey! 

In this Business Guide:

  • The Advancing Industry of Geoinformation
  • Geo-related Trends in Engineering & Construction
  • Geoinformation in Arable Farming
  • Surveying in the Mining Sector
  • The Impact of Modern Mapping Technologies for Cultural Heritage
  • Geomatics and Surveying in Support of Land Administration


Market Insights

Page 6-9: At the start of this year, 'GIM International' conducted a readers’ survey aimed at gaining a clear picture of the current state of the geospatial industry. This article takes you on a journey through the geospatial landscape in 2017.

Engineering & Construction

Page 10-13: There could be many keywords representing important trends in the capture and use of spatial data in the engineering & construction industry, but 3D, BIM, AR and UAV are definitely high on the list. Uniting them all is one major cross-industry challenge: interoperability and data integration in support of much-needed higher workflow efficiency in the whole value chain.

Expand your reach!

This edition of the GIM International Business Guide provides an overview of the geomatics industry as of 2017. With content about the market, products and various fields of application this is an issue our readership will use throughout the year!


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