July-August 2018

GIM International July-August 2018

The demand for detailed, up-to-data 3D maps of cities, roads and large buildings is steadily growing. Recent advances in mobile mapping technology are enabling new capabilities and complementing – or even replacing – traditional methods of topographical surveying. Futhermore, widespread investment in city planning and ‘smart city’ projects is expected to further accelerate the adoption of mobile mapping technology worldwide. This issue of GIM International focuses on mobile mapping systems mounted on various vehicles on the road and in the air.

In this issue:

- Interview with Maximilian Boosfeld, CEO, Wingtra
- Increasing the Accuracy of Mobile Mapping Positioning
- Aerial Data Acquisition for a Digital Railway

...And much more!

Point Clouds: Laser Scanning versus UAS Photogrammetry

Point Clouds: Laser Scanning versus UAS PhotogrammetryAre photogrammetric point clouds superior to Lidar point clouds, or is it the other way around? To address this topic of ongoing debate, the authors conducted a terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) survey together with an unmanned aerial system (UAS) photogrammetric survey of a gravel pit. Comparison revealed that TLS is superior when the highest level of detail is required. For larger surveying projects, however, RTK-enabled UAS photogrammetry provides sufficient levels of detail and accuracy as well as greater efficiency and improved surveyor safety.

Trends and Insights

Mobile Mapping Trends and InsightsMobile mapping technology is on the rise worldwide. Industry specialist Geomares – publisher of GIM International among other things – has analysed the user data and behaviour of thousands of members of the global geospatial community. This article presents the findings from that analysis, identifying the latest trends and sharing insights into the future outlook for mobile mapping. 

Geomatics and BIM

GEO Plus BIM Does Not Make GeoBIMHow can we translate the thousands of constructional elements (modelled as volumes) that together define a house in a BIM model into a single, closed building object, defined with surfaces as required for geospatial analysis? The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) confirmed these challenges in a project on the use of IFC and CityGML in Urban Planning. 

Mobile Lidar Systems Today and Tomorrow

Mobile Lidar Systems Today and TomorrowMobile Lidar systems (MLSs) are used with increasing frequency for three-dimensional (3D) mapping applications along various corridors because of their extreme ease in capturing high-resolution 3D topographic data. This article examines the current state of the mobile Lidar system market before looking ahead to the future scope for mobile mapping and laser scanning, including potential challenges that lie ahead. 

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