September 2017

GIM0917 Cover

The September issue of GIM International covers a broad spectrum of geospatial-related topics, ranging from dense point clouds and fit-for-purpose land administration solutions to precisely flexible positioning. Esri’s Brent Jones has contributed an article on how the evolution of spatiotemporal synchronicity culminates in effective land reform. This edition of the leading magazine for mapping and surveying professionals around the world is topped off by an overview of UAV-based mobile mapping.

Further in this issue:

  • Automated Modelling of Tunnels – From Point Clouds to Cross-sectional Dimensions
  • Implementing Land Administration Solutions in Ethiopia – Consultation with Stakeholders and Fit-for-purpose Thinking
  • Young Geo in Focus: Scanning a WWII German Bunker Complex
  • Updates from FIG, GSDI, IAG, ICA and ISPRS


UAV-based Mobile Mapping

UAV-based Mobile MappingAccurate representation and 3D reconstruction of the environment using both active and passive remote sensing systems has become essential for non-traditional mapping applications. Recent advances in hardware and software development have made it possible to conduct accurate 3D mapping without using costly and high-end data acquisition systems. Low-cost digital cameras, laser scanners and navigation systems can provide accurate mapping if they are properly integrated at the hardware and software levels.

Precisely Flexible Positioning

Precise Flexible PositioningAs users push for more capabilities, today’s location apps for smartphones and tablets are running up against frustrating limitations. Now, the Trimble Catalyst software-defined GNSS receiver is shifting the emphasis from hardware to software and cloud-based services, and is set to bring new users to the GNSS arena.

The ‘Where’ is the Disruption

Brent JonesBrent Jones ventures the opinion that geographic information system technology (GIS) can begin reviving economies, starting right now with the tools we already have and that are easy to configure. Understanding how we got to this point requires us to dive into the history of precision as it relates to time and space. 

Automated Modelling of Tunnels

Automated Modelling of TunnelsTunnels must be regularly monitored to meet safety requirements and to prevent excessive deformation or displacement. This article presents a novel automated method for the geometric modelling of tunnels from mobile Lidar point clouds with sub-millimetre precision. The models can be employed for maintenance, project management and enhancement of future designs.

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