Office Surveying Software Integrates Gatewing X100 UAS

Trimble has introduced version 3.00 of its office surveying software. Trimble Business Center Software version 3.00 is a surveying office software suite designed to manage, analyse and process all field survey data, including optical, GNSS and imaging data. The updated version features photogrammetry enhancements, including the ability to process images from the Gatewing X100 unmanned aerial system (UAS). Trimble Business Center and its integration with UAS data introduces extra capabilities to surveyors. Surveyors, engineers and geospatial data managers can increase their productivity, efficiency and quality of deliverables through the software's aerial data processing capabilities, said Erik Arvesen, vice president of... (read more)
2013-05-17 09:45:39

13th PAQS Conference

Commission 10, Construction Economics and Management, has lately focused its activities on project management, but quantity surveying is still a high-status item on its agenda. To increase co-operation with other quantity and cost-engineering associations, FIG accepted the gracious invitation from the Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors (PAQS) to attend its 13th Annual Congress in Kuala Lumpur on 17th and 18th August 2009.   Delegates FIG was represented at this congress by Andrew Morley, chair, FIG Commission 10, and CheeHai Teo, vice-president. Over 450 delegates attended the congress from more than twenty countries; substantial delegations arrived from Brunei, Singapore, PR China... (read more)
2009-12-04 11:47:33

Simultaneous Survey Across Fifty States

Hundreds of surveyors from all around the United States joined NOAA's National Geodetic Survey on Saturday 19th March at exactly 1PM EDT. It was the first ever 'Surveying USA Day', a kick-off event commemorating Surveyor's Week, coordinated by the National Society of Professional Surveyors. Professional, government and independent surveyors collected global positioning system (GPS) data simultaneously using various methods including handheld GPS devices and more sophisticated surveying equipment.     As a result, NOAA is expecting a large influx of data submitted to its Online Positioning User Service (OPUS), new database tool that allows surveyors, engineers, and other users to... (read more)
2011-03-24 12:00:00

New Trimble Optical Total Stations

Trimble has introduced a wide range of new additions to its innovative portfolio of optical survey systems, giving surveyors a comprehensive selection of solutions for surveying and engineering applications.     Originally introduced in 2007, the Trimble S8 Total Station is Trimble's most advanced Autolock and Robotic total station. New 0.5" accuracy models have been added for demanding engineering projects such as monitoring, precision build, and high-speed railway applications that require the highest levels of accuracy available.   The Trimble S8 Total Station product line has also been extended to include a new model with video-enabled robotic control to improve... (read more)
2010-01-13 05:15:34

The Role of Surveyors in the Evolution of BIM

Building information modelling (BIM) is becoming more commonplace within construction sectors globally, combining technology with improved collaboration to better manage projects and give them the best chance of complying with time and budget constraints. However, the BIM life cycle and efforts to espouse it are almost futile if surveying is taken out of the equation or, more realistically, brought in too late. It can be good to have a structure that is successfully using BIM to be delivered on time and within budget, but if it or any of its components are in the wrong position, the consequences can be... (read more)
2019-10-02 10:25:44

Blue Marble Debuts at New York Land Surveyors Conference

Blue Marble Geographics will be exhibiting for the first time at the New York State Association of Public Land Surveyors Annual Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY. Additionally, Blue Marble’s David McKittrick will present on the basics of GIS for Surveyors at the meeting. Blue Marble, headquartered in the state of Maine, USA, is known for its geospatial data manipulation, visualisation and conversion solutions used worldwide by thousands of GIS analysts at software, oil and gas, mining, civil engineering, surveying, and technology companies, as well as governmental and university organisations. Blue Marble’s software technology is used by many professional land surveyors.... (read more)
2013-01-10 11:13:59

Leap Forward

One of the main topics discussed at the Survey and GIS Summit preceding the ESRI User Conference 2006 (see my report in the October issue) was the reluctance of youngsters to join the surveying profession. The declining influx made many afraid that the profession would become extinct, a fear that is certainly not idle: in the US the average age of the surveyor would appear to be 57. What should be done to reverse the trend? Student is Right To answer the above question it is necessary to understand why today’s students stay away from surveying and do not choose... (read more)
2006-10-23 12:00:00

Chryssy Potsiou Elected as New FIG President

Chryssy Potsiou was elected as new president of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) for the upcoming 4-year term (2015-2018) at the recent 25th FIG Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Potsiou, from the Technical Chamber of Greece, was the sole candidate for the presidency. Two FIG vice-presidents were also elected for the same period: Rudolf Staiger, DVW, Germany, and Diane Dumashie, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, United Kingdom. Potsiou has been active within FIG since 1982 and has served as vice-president since 2011. With over 30 years of experience in education, training and international capacity building in land management and... (read more)
2014-06-24 10:18:42

Trimble TDL 450H Long-range Radio

Trimble has introduced the Trimble TDL 450H radio, a long-range solution in the Trimble TDL 450 radio modem series designed to support high-precision Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) surveying applications. The Trimble TDL 450H is a 2-35 Watt (user programmable) radio transceiver. Its 35W of power maximises range, enabling work in difficult terrain and urban areas. The multi-function user interface streamlines field configuration and troubleshooting so surveyors can maintain maximum productivity. The radio modem allows users to adapt as conditions require: for longer baselines surveyors can dial up the power, and when the work area is smaller, a lower power... (read more)
2011-06-14 09:08:13

FIG Working Week 2020: Take the Stage in Amsterdam!

Have you always dreamed about taking the stage? Geospatial surveyors now have a perfect opportunity to do so in the Dutch city of Amsterdam! Submit your abstract before 1 November for a chance to share your views, project results and latest research related to 'Smart Surveying for Land & Water Management' during the FIG Working Week 2020. The event will be held at the RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam from 10-14 May 2020. Surveyors are playing an increasingly important role in land & water management, especially as our countries need protection from the effects of climate change: sea-level rise, floods, droughts... (read more)
2019-10-14 09:21:26
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