Phase One 280MP Aerial Solution | Webinar

Data Acquisition and Processing with the Phase One 280MP Aerial Solution. During this webinar Phase One will present its 280MP Aerial Solution as the high-end solution to the already popular aerial and UAV camera portfolio. The presentation will discuss the specifications of the 280MP Aerial Solution that will help your business to become more efficient and cost-effective in aerial image data collection. In addition, we will have a close look at the 280MP Aerial Solution post-processing workflow for the acquired data as well as at some output samples from various photogrammetry suites. - Overview of the 280MP Aerial Solution specifications - Performance Overview and an introduction of how the 280MP Aerial Solution makes your business more efficient and economical - A close look at the post-processing workflow, and some output data for - Target applications such as TrueOrtho photo, Orthophoto, and Stereo Mapping Presented by: James Wardlow - Phase One & Dr. Yuri Raizmann - Phase One