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About Vexcel Imaging GmbH

Developing cutting-edge digital aerial cameras and photogrammetric processing software with constant product upgrades and world-class support has made Vexcel Imaging a market leader in the geospatial arena. The industry-leading UltraCam aerial sensor portfolio covers all applications in airborne photogrammetry, from nadir to oblique to wide-area data collection. Processing of the UltraCam data is handled by the UltraMap photogrammetric software suite that offers a processing workflow for highly automated generation of exceptional-quality point clouds, DSMs, DTMs, ortho imagery and 3D-textured TINs.

This end-to-end technology is the basis for Vexcel’s cloud-based aerial image library providing organizations with location-based insight and intelligence. Industry-leading UltraCam sensors provide up-to-date high-resolution vertical and oblique imagery along with other digital representations of the world, and precision geometry enabling AI and machine learning. The Vexcel Data Program (VDP) allows businesses and organizations to make better strategic decisions through intelligent imagery to uncover crucial location insights. VDP is already powering the Geospatial Insurance Consortium (GIC), an initiative launched by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) to provide its 1,100 members with best-of-breed aerial pre-disaster and post-disaster imagery.


UltraCam Osprey 4.1

The UltraCam Osprey introduces the 4th generation UltraCam aerial imaging sensors. The highly versatile large-format aerial camera simultaneously collects photo...

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UltraCam Eagle Mark 3

An ultra-large footprint of 26,460 pixels across-track coupled with a unique user-exchangeable lens system makes the UltraCam Eagle Mark 3 one of the most versa...

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UltraCam Condor Mark 1

The UltraCam Condor Mark 1 provides a single-source data acquisition solution for collecting 5-band imagery for wide-area, high-altitude mapping while still ser...

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UltraCam Falcon Mark 2 f100

With the choice of two focal lengths, Vexcel Imaging UltraCam Falcon Mark 2 digital photogrammetric camera system provides customers with a versatile platform f...

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Highly-automated, powerful and intuitive: The UltraMap photogrammetric software suite turns raw UltraCam data into high-value information delivering unrivaled p...

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UltraMount GSM 4000

The UltraMount GSM 4000 features high efficiency at high payloads. The hydraulic system of the UltraMount GSM 4000 contains four cylinders and two servo pumps a...

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