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About Pix4D

Drone software for optimal aerial monitoring and surveying

Pix4D photogrammetry software allows the mapping of medium to large areas faster, saving a lot of time and facilitating the acceptance of more contracts with the same internal resources.

Integrate photogrammetry surveying into your current workflow

  • Easily plan the drone flight and capture data using Pix4Dcapture, our free automated flight mobile planning app.
  • Increase the density and redundancy of the terrain measurements.
  • Export accurate bare earth models, digital surface models, 3D maps, true orthomosaics and 3D models to create final deliverables in CAD or GIS software.
  • Share your results with colleagues and clients securely and easily in the cloud.

Data assessment and improved accuracy using the most advanced photogrammetry software

Add ground control points and checkpoints to control and assess the accuracy of your results with a dedicated quality report.

Visually verify and improve the accuracy of your project with Pix4D’s unique rayCloudTM environment. It connects your original images to each point of the 3D reconstruction, allowing virtual inspection from anywhere.

Reduce surveying time and operational risks using drones

Get your data from a safe place. With drone mapping, there's no need to climb on stockpiles, get near to cliffs, on a busy road or walk through rough terrain.

Constantly updated maps, models and projects

Because of a simple workflow and easily repeatable data capture, maps and models can be easily updated as often as required. Provide daily, weekly or monthly updates of your area of interest at a fraction of the expense.


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