Spatial Wave Releases Mapplet.NET 4.0

Spatial Wave, Inc (CA, USA) has released Mapplet.NET 4.0, which is now shipping to new customers and those on maintenance. Mapplet.NET is a GIS viewer which takes advantage of technology from ESRI and Microsoft to offer a framework for developing in-house GIS portals. Mapplet.NET 4.0 is built on ESRI's Application Development Framework (ADF) technology and supports both ArcGIS Server and ArcIMS.   Using Mapplet.NET, any organisation can build GIS portals to view and analyse data within hours without the need for any programming. Mapplet.NET has many components which make it an ideal platform for Utility companies interested in developing GIS... (read more)
2008-01-25 09:46:48

Hi-Target Launches New GNSS RTK Receiver

Hi-Target, the Chinese manufacturer of high-precision geographic instruments, recently announced the release of the V90 Plus, the company’s next-generation GNSS RTK. The V90 Plus is equipped with the advanced Trimble BD970 OEM and delivers centimetre accuracy for a variety of applications. The full-wave RTK antenna based on air dielectric technology supports the whole constellation and makes it much lighter and more stable. Furthermore, thanks to the built-in Linux operating system and multiple pre-loaded smart applications such as tilt surveying, electronic bubble calibration, NFC and voice DIY, the V90 Plus GNSS system enables the surveyor work more conveniently. With the V90 Plus, Hi-Target aims to provide the surveyor with an industry-leading GNSS solution with improved accuracy and stability. Especially the self-developed antenna, based on air dielectric technology, is designed for multipath mitigation. It is not only lighter than traditional RTK antennas, but also effectively avoids the instability of ceramic dielectric antennas. Every detail of the V90 Plus is optimised to improve the performance.... (read more)
2015-06-15 11:18:25

Océ Introduces CrystalPoint Color Technology

Océ has introduced CrystalPoint technology. This new technology combines the best of both toner and inkjet printing. The Océ CrystalPoint process converts color Océ TonerPearlsTM toner into a gel. This tonergel is then jetted and crystallized onto any type of paper, producing crisp, water fast high quality images with extremely accurate dot placement. The first printing system to utilise Océ CrystalPoint technology is the Océ ColorWave 600. With the Océ ColorWave 600, customers can print both color and black & white on lower cost untreated and recycled paper. Most existing color wide format products require specially coated inkjet paper. The... (read more)
2008-05-08 10:31:02

SpecWave to Bring Textual Information in Bentley Models

Bentley Systems has acquired SpecWave software that helps architectural, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) professionals author and configure structured text content, including engineering specifications and related codes and standards. SpecWave makes specifications an integral aspect of information modelling, creating text objects to be change-managed by Bentley’s eB Insight. Through SpecWave, eB Insight, and the forthcoming Bentley CONNECT SaaS environment that enables infrastructure practitioners to connect enterprises, projects, content, and individuals with each other, Bentley Specification Services will enable specifications to be purposefully shared across distributed, multidisciplinary project, operations, and inspection teams. Other inaugural Bentley CONNECT capabilities will include Bentley Connection... (read more)
2012-11-16 09:50:21

Field Mapplet Support

Spatial Wave has developed an integration between E.H. Wach’s automated valve turning equipment and its GIS enabled Field Mapplet mobile platform. This integration allows for real-time capture and recording of the valve equipment data on the Field Mapplet platform.   It simplifies the operator’s activities by automating the data capture process from the valve equipment. The captured data, which includes number of turns, turn direction, and torque information, is recorded on Field Mapplet and later transmitted to the office for further review and analysis. “We are very excited to integrate our technology with the most experienced manufacturer of automated valve... (read more)
2009-01-21 03:54:18

DL-500 series Digital Levels

The Topcon DL-500 implements ‘Wave-and-Read' technology, providing an additional survey style option that allows a rod person to wave the staff back and forth, instead of keeping the staff plumb. The staff reading becomes the minimum when it stands vertically. The DL-500 tracks the waved staff and automatically reads the least value. This allows for error-free readings, while eliminating eyestrain.  The DL-500 also incorporates the advanced Random-Bidirectional code (RAB code) for the staff and optimum digital processing algorithm for staff reading. Even when the staff surface is partially shaded, or in dim lighting conditions as low as 20 lux, one... (read more)
2010-03-18 12:34:01

Sentinel-3A Demonstrates Ability to Track Sea-level Change

Following the first impressive images from Sentinel-3A, the latest Copernicus satellite has now demonstrated how its altimeter can track sea-level change. Just after the radar altimeter instrument was turned on, it traced the height of the sea surface over a stretch of the North Atlantic, some of the most dynamic ocean waters in the world. Showing features relating to the Gulf Stream, the track compares very well with the background map of sea-surface height. The map, produced by the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service, comprises near-real-time data for one day from the CryoSat, Jason-2 and SARAL/AltiKa satellites. Sea-level rise The altimeter is designed to deliver accurate... (read more)
2016-03-07 09:33:45

The Property Story: Chap­ter Four

GIM International Interviews John McLaughlin
Management of the relationship between land and people has always been complex and sensitive. Land is part of the social and political framework that sustains communities around the world. It contributes to wealth and economic development and is fundamental to the management and preservation of our environment. On every continent there are people whose customary rights to land and natural resources have been ignored. But with global population having reached six billion, the challenges are bigger than ever. In 1970 two-thirds of the world's population lived in rural areas; today it is only half. In thirty years' time two-thirds of... (read more)
2010-09-02 05:10:52

Mitsubishi Tests xAUTO Autonomous-driving Vehicle

Since May 2016, Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi has been conducting expressway-based field testing of its xAUTO vehicle and related autonomous-driving technologies for self-sensing and network-based driving. The self-sensing driving technology combines various peripheral-sensing technologies, called Diamond Safety, including a forward-monitoring millimetre-wave radar with wide viewing angle, a forward-monitoring camera and a backward side-monitoring millimetre-wave radar. Its infrastructural driving technology uses high-accuracy 3D mapping in combination with a centimetre-level augmentation service (CLAS) broadcast from the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS). Together, Mitsubishi's self-sensing and network-based driving technologies enable autonomous driving with high levels of safety and convenience. Overview of Field Tests Autonomous... (read more)
2017-10-24 10:51:16

Trimble Strengthens 3D Scanning Portfolio

Trimble has acquired the assets of privately-held Callidus Precision Systems. Callidus is a provider of 3D laser scanning solutions for the industrial market. Financial terms were not disclosed. Callidus' products enhance Trimble's 3D scanning portfolio, with both close- and mid- range scanning technology.     The Callidus CP 3200 time-of-flight and the Callidus CPW 8000 pulse-wave scanners are utilised for applications within the power and manufacturing process plant markets as well as in shipbuilding and offshore applications. Spatial data captured by 3D scanners is used throughout the plant lifecycle including design, operation and maintenance. The Callidus portfolio also includes the... (read more)
2009-01-16 11:11:04
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