Aerial Mapping for Malaga

Blom has signed an agreement with the County Council of Malaga (Diputación de Malaga), Spain, to deliver aerial products and services covering the full range of the customer value chain. Blom is to deliver a broad range of products and services, including oblique aerial imagery, urban vector maps, 3D models, laser scanning services and access to BlomURBEX, covering all the geographic areas as managed by the customer. The project will begin immediately and is expected to last over the next two years.     The delivered data will among other be used for updating land information, development of roads and... (read more)
2011-01-18 12:00:00

Danish Aerial Mapping Company

As part of Fugro's strategy to expand its Aerial Mapping services business in Europe, a new company - Fugro Aerial Mapping A/S - has been established in Denmark to provide Aerial Imagery and LiDAR services in Scandinavia.   Fugro acquired earlier this summer three survey aircraft, various sensors and other related equipment which were formerly owned by the company Scankort A/S and which will be operated in future by the new Fugro company in Denmark.   (read more)
2009-07-31 09:51:24

Tender: Norway - Aerial Mapping Services

The Norwegian Polar Institute would like tenders for aerial photography on Svalbard by a digital high resolution aerial camera. GPS/INS shall be used for geo-references. Bidding Type International Competitive Bidding Financier Self-Funded Country Norway Description  original document Tenders are invited for aerial mapping services Short description of the contract or purchase(s): The Norwegian Polar Institute would like tenders for aerial photography on Svalbard by a digital high resolution aerial camera. GPS/INS shall be used for geo-references. The assignment consists of photography from a high flight height (main assignment) for the whole of the island group (including Bjørnøya). In addition there... (read more)
2008-02-08 11:04:21

GeoM Improves Aerial Mapping Accuracy

South African GeoM (formerly Geomatica) has invested in a navigation system designed to improve the locational accuracy and reliability of aerial survey data. The purchase of a 5th-generation Computer Controlled Navigation System (CCNS) from IGI represents the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality geographic data solutions specifically designed to meet the challenging requirements of mining and power line industries. Chief executive officer, Dean Polley considers the IGI CCNS 5 as more than a flight management system and calls it a complete guidance, positioning and sensor management solution. By integrating this system with existing cameras and Lidar scanners, as well as future,... (read more)
2013-07-16 08:28:20

Newly Independent Fugro Aerial Mapping

As of 1st January 2008, and after more than eight years as part of Fugro-Inpark BV, the Aerial Acquisition division (better known as FLI-MAP) is continuing life as a separate company under the new name of Fugro Aerial Mapping BV. The new company will be headed by Huug Haasnoot MSc and concentrate services on Lidar, photogrammetry activities, and other airborne methodologies   Fugro Aerial Mapping B.V. is to become part of a European group of airborne Fugro companies, which will strongly work together on research and development, optimal planning of resources and execution of projects. (read more)
2008-01-25 09:36:09

FalconScan Launches Aerial Mapping System

FalconScan, based in Maryland, USA, has recently announced the release of its aerial mapping system. Features include flight planning, guidance and data capture software, a spectrally calibrated digital high-spatial-resolution camera system and cloud-based software to geospatially locate, orthorectify and create large-end product mosaics that can be rendered in two or three dimensions The FalconScan camera system has been under development for several years and has currently completed over 100 aerial imagery missions. Applications include, amongst others, agriculture and forestry, threat detection, transportation corridor surveillance and disaster preparedness and response. FalconScan offers customers a turnkey operation that delivers high-spatial-resolution images which... (read more)
2015-01-23 10:05:25

Aerial Mapping by Consumer Camcorders

Aerial Videography: Low-cost, Simple, Fast and Appropriate
Developing countries still have a need for mapping systems that are low-cost, simple to operate by local operators, fast in production and yet meet the needs of the application. A satellite mapping system can be a good choice, but cloud coverage and revisit time often limit its application, especially in tropical areas. The author shows that Aerial Videography (AV) mapping based on a consumer camcorder meets mapping requirements. Camcorders are low-cost, simple to operate and widely available. Compared to traditional metric aerial cameras, camcorders are far less accurate and have smaller fields of view. One of the strengths of AV... (read more)
2005-03-16 12:00:00

Aerial Border Mapping and Marking

NZ Aerial Mapping Limited (NZAM) has been awarded the contract for the renewal of the 150 markers of the Partitioned Zone, its Dividing Line and the Boundary Line between The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and The State of Kuwait. The contract between NZ Aerial Mapping Limited and The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represented by the Minister of Interior of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and The Government of the State of Kuwait represented by the Minister of Interior of State of Kuwait, was signed on 20th July 2010 in Jeddah. The recognised border between the two countries is... (read more)
2010-07-27 09:44:52

UAS for Photogrammetric Aerial Mapping

Trimble (USA) has introduced its Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS): the Trimble UX5 aerial imaging rover with the Trimble Access aerial imaging application. The solution builds upon its predecessor, the Trimble Gatewing X100. Combined with the Trimble Business Center photogrammetry office software module, the Trimble UX5 has been developed to offer a complete UAS photogrammetric mapping solution for surveyors and geospatial professionals, aimed specifically at large projects. A variety of traditional surveying applications such as topographic surveying, site & route planning, progress monitoring, volume calculations, disaster analysis and as-builts in industries such as surveying, oil & gas, mining, environmental services, and... (read more)
2013-06-18 10:03:37

Second Mapping Camera for Aerial Surveys

Aerial Surveys International has purchased a second Intergraph Digital Mapping Camera to meet increasing demand from customers for high-quality digital imagery.     The Intergraph DMC will be used by Aerial Surveys for a wide range of acquisition missions including state-wide orthophoto projects and large-scale engineering surveys.   (read more)
2009-03-11 03:30:37
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