SuperSurv 10 Selected for Coastal Protection in Thailand

Supergeo’s mobile GIS-app SuperSurv 10 has been selected by the government agency that is in charge of protecting marine and coastal resources in Thailand for spatial data collection. The core mission of this department is to conserve and restore the precious flora and fauna resided in the marine and coastal ecosystem. Because Thailand is a country located in tropical climate zone and has a thriving tourism industry, it is a critical work to conserve the valuable coral reef and mangrove forests along its 3,200 kilometres long coastline. Now, this agency has seven branch offices evenly distributed across Thailand and divisions... (read more)
2017-07-14 11:15:48

Geokosmos Aerial Surveyor of 2014 Olympic Games

Geokosmos has completed a LiDAR project in Krasnodar Krai (Sochi, the host city of the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, is located in this region). Imeretinskaya lowland and some parts of the extending mountain massif were surveyed by the Company specialists.   The project was carried out in the framework of the engineering survey aimed at construction of Olympic objects in the Sochi region. Geokosmos provided the customer with a wide spectrum of output products: a topographic map (1:1000) of the lowland, a topographic map (1:500) of the mountain territory, an orthophoto (pixel size - 0,09 m), digital terrain... (read more)
2008-03-27 09:04:21

FIG Working Week 2016: Recovery from Disaster

FIG is inviting surveying professionals to participate in the upcoming FIG Work Week, to be held in Christchurch, New Zealand, from 2-6 May 2016. The FIG Working Week is an exciting week-long conference that brings together the international community of surveying professionals. The overall theme is 'Recovery from Disaster'. New Zealand is a geologically active country with a history of seismic events and post-earthquake Christchurch is an ideal location from which to consider this theme. Many inhabitants throughout the world face various kinds of disasters, apart from earthquakes as in Christchurch, such as flooding, storm events, tsunamis, drought, the after... (read more)
2015-09-25 09:43:02

Melbourne Bid for ISPRS 2012

  Cliff Ogleby, congress director - Melbourne Bid, ISPRS 2012, and the SpatialSciences Institute, invite the Inter-­national Society for Photogrammetry andRemote Sensing (ISPRS) to hold the ISPRS Congress 2012 in Melbourne, Australia.The 2012 ISPRS Congress in Melbourne will offer you, the delegate, the f­ollowing: -government funding to aid participation by scientists andacademics from developing countries -opportunity to experience the Photo-grammetry and Remote Sensingindustry in Australia and New Zealand -brand-new facilities (Convention Centre) capable of hosting the whole congress at one venue in central Melbourne -abundant accommodation, from student dorms to deluxe hotels, at walking distance from the congress venue -international... (read more)
2008-05-17 12:00:00

United Nations University / ESRI Collaboration

ESRI and United Nations University (UNU) have approved a memorandum of understanding (MOU) at the university's headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. They will collaborate on research, create Centres of Excellence, promote the exchange of graduate students, and provide geographic information system (GIS) training opportunities within and by UNU. "This agreement will promote enhanced spatial information use in UNU's research and education initiatives," said UNU rector and under-secretary-general of the United Nations professor Konrad Osterwalder. "It will also support the increased presence of young researchers at UNU campuses and complement existing and planned research and education programs."Adds Michael Gould, ESRI director of... (read more)
2010-02-22 09:33:02

Aerial Photomaps Help Protect Norfolk’s Wildlife

High-resolution aerial photography is providing a map of hard-to-access land to help the UK’s Norfolk Wildlife Trust (NWT) to plan, manage and report on a range of groundbreaking habitat restoration projects. Downloaded from Bluesky’s online Mapshop by NWT, the aerial photographs detail an area of West Norfolk known as Roydon Common. Due to the nature and location of the reserve, traditional mapping is not sufficiently detailed for NWT. Even with the mobile data collection system, there are areas that simply cannot be reached on foot. The Bluesky aerial photographs provide detail and add ground feature context to specialist maps layers,... (read more)
2016-03-29 03:23:54

Deepwater Horizon

Biggest Offshore Oil-spill in History
The Deepwater Horizon drilling rig was built in 2001 as a semi-submersible platform specially designed for operations in ultra-deep water. The rig employs a dynamic positioning system to maintain a highly accurate position in open seas with the use only of its propellers. In September 2009 the rig drilled the deepest oil well in history, at a vertical depth of 10,683 metres.In February 2010 the rig commenced drilling an exploratory well at the Macondo project in the Gulf of Mexico, some 70 kilometres off the coast of the State of Louisiana (USA) at a depth of approximately 1,500 metres below... (read more)
2010-07-29 03:47:40

Melbourne 2012

Preparations are well underway for the next ISPRS Congress, which is being held in Melbourne, Australia, from 24th August to 3rd September 2012. The Conference Organiser is finalised, the web URL is registered, and the new Congress centre is due to open. The event will offer the delegate: government funding to aid participation by scientists and academics from developing countries an opportunity to experience the Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing industry in Australia and New Zealand abundant accommodation, from student dorms to deluxe hotels, at walking distance from the congress venue an international airport just twenty minutes from central Melbourne visa... (read more)
2009-05-29 12:00:00

SilverStripe Builds Geospatial Open Data Solution

Wellington-based (New Zealand) web development company SilverStripe has recently launched a new geospatial-based website for the New Zealand Geospatial Office (NZGO). NZGO is a controlling body within Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). The site will be the main online presence for discovering New Zealand geospatial data and enables users to explore large amounts of geographical data from several databases.   This application enables researchers, for example, to access fundamental climate and environmental information. Making this information publicly discoverable in a reusable way will enable researchers to bring datasets together and draw new conclusions.   SilverStripe developed the application to provide... (read more)
2011-09-14 09:46:37

Environmental Compliance Monitoring for Nickel Mine Project

GAF AG, Germany, has made a successful contribution to Ambatovy’s biodiversity programme by applying Earth observation technology to the monitoring of forest habitats of the Republic of Madagascar. The information derived contributes significantly to knowledge about prevailing deforestation rates along Madagascar’s eastern rainforest corridor, parts of which have World Heritage status. Ambatovy in Madagascar is one of the largest mining and processing projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. With a planned production of 60,000 tonnes of refined nickel and 5,600 tonnes of refined cobalt per year, Ambatovy will soon rank among the largest lateritic nickel mining entities in the world. The mine... (read more)
2012-05-25 12:00:00
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