Geospatial Data Webinar

East View Cartographic is organising a webinar in which we will provide participants with tools needed to fully utilise geospatial data available. The event is to take place on Thursday 6th August, 12.00 - 1.00PM (CDT).     The data offered ranges from: paper and digital topographic maps; geological maps; Digital Elevation Models (DEM's); commercial satellite imagery.  These data sources enable professionals to solve problems from the very simple (a map for your personal or recreational use) to the very complex (a vector GIS dataset for your custom cartographic or analytical task).   During the seminar, EVC will also place... (read more)
2009-07-31 09:40:17

Crowdsourced Geospatial Data

Crowdsourcing (2)
The full feature is online at Please subscribe for free using the Subscribe button in the left hand column. Wikipedia defines ‘crowdsourcing’ as the “act of outsourcing tasks traditionally performed by an employee or contractor to a large group of people or community (a crowd)”. While crowdsourcing sometimes refers to programming tasks, it more often – in a geospatial context – refers to data collection. Ubiquitous location-enabled mobile devices incorporating telephones, cameras, on-board sensor maps and location services enable citizens to contribute location-based and descriptive data, whether intentionally or passively, into a broad range of applications. A particular characteristic,... (read more)
2012-08-24 04:57:18

Geospatial Data Supply Contracts

Ordnance Survey has awarded a new four-year Framework Agreement for the Supply and Maintenance of Geospatial Data, which replaces previous data collection contracts. The Framework Agreement will run from April 2011 to March 2015 and sees Ordnance Survey developing its external supplier base for the supply and maintenance of topography, imagery and height data and services, which are used to maintain the currency, accuracy and information content of its core databases.   The framework agreement is divided into three lots and has been awarded in three lots.   Lot 1 includes Remotely Sensed Data Acquisition and contracts are awarded to... (read more)
2011-05-09 09:09:47

Geospatial Data Quality Survey

The OGC (MD, USA) Technical Committee's Spatial Data Quality Working Group (WG) has been gathering information and requirements from OGC members for the past year and has now begun primary research on spatial data quality measures. Their survey on spatial data quality went live on Monday 15th October, targeting thousands of geospatial data suppliers and users from around the world. The group seeks to develop an interoperable framework or model for OGC Quality Assurance Web Services that will enable improved access and sharing of high quality geospatial information. To achieve this goal it is necessary to learn what organisations mean... (read more)
2007-10-18 09:29:26

Geospatial Big Data

Geospatial has always been considered as big data, both by its own advocates and many others, writes Ian Holt, a big data evangelist from the UK, in his latest column in 'GIM International'. Yet large spatial databases and datasets are no longer enough to qualify as ‘big data’ as we now define it. Instead, they are just a piece of the broader picture. Geospatial has always been considered as big data, both by its own advocates and many others. In fact, I could probably stop writing this column right now as we all collectively nod our heads. We could go one step further and... (read more)
2017-06-26 02:09:46

Geospatial Data Distribution Partnership

Groupe Alta and Integrated Mapping Technologies have started a strategic alliance to integrate Web diffusion solutions and recurrent aerial acquisition programs to streamline distribution of high-precision geospatial data in British Columbia, Canada. The companies directly address the growing demand in the industry for up-to-date and high-precision geospatial data at lower costs through the introduction of the Lower Mainland Acquisition Program (LMAP) and geospatial Web platform,     The LMAP program is to cover approximately 3000 km2 in the Greater Vancouver Metropolitan area and is based on a recurrent acquisition schedule to provide aerial imagery on a yearly basis and... (read more)
2009-02-23 04:28:48

Geosk Platform Geospatial Data Catalogue

Geosk Platform is a geospatial location-based Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering. The Geosk Platform contains a comprehensive geospatial data catalogue and delivers it via an easy-to-use, cloud-based portal that lets customers pay as they go. It facilitates immediate access and integration of the most current geospatial data into business analyses, location-based marketing programmes and risk management calculations. The Geosk Platform data catalogue includes both free and fee-based geospatial data from Pitney Bowes Business Insight as well as content from third-party data providers such as Ordnance Survey and TomTom. For data providers, the Geosk Platform will function as an online delivery channel for... (read more)
2010-08-05 12:30:25

Geospatial Data Research Think Tank

The Ordnance Survey has awarded a research contract to the Centre of Geospatial Science (CGS) to investigate future data and data management developments that might impact on Ordnance Survey's operations and services. In part fulfilment of this contract, CGS are organising a series of Think Tank events to explore relevant technology developments and to better understand how these developments might influence and impact on spatial data capture and usage in the future.     The second of Think Tank events is to be held on 13th July 2009 (Tuesday) at University of Nottingham and will cover the topic of "Crowd... (read more)
2009-05-11 11:03:19

Interacting with Big Geospatial Data

Methods for Virtual Exploration and Visual Analysis
Advances in capturing techniques such as laser scanning and photogrammetry have significantly increased the volume of geospatial datasets. Big geodata has become an important asset for analysis and decision-making, but also poses a challenge for state-of-the-art visualisation techniques. This article presents research results addressing this problem for the infrastructure and planetary science application domains. The methods discussed here enable users to fluently explore and efficiently analyse the growing wealth of geospatial data.  The data volume of 3D reconstructions is steadily growing for two reasons. Firstly, there is a demand to increase the accuracy of data acquisition, now reaching even sub-millimetre... (read more)
2017-04-20 09:29:33

iPhone Turns Geospatial Data Collector

GeoSpatial Experts, developers of GPS-Photo Link photo-mapping software, have introduced GeoJot, an app that converts an iPhone or iPad 2 into a photo-based geospatial data collection tool. Available for purchase from the Apple App Store, GeoJot is a companion application created for exclusive use with GPS-Photo Link software for the PC.   iPhones and iPad 2s have built-in geotagging capabilities. GeoJot maximises the geotagging accuracy of the internal GPS chips by up to four times - putting it well within the accuracy specifications of many business-related photo-mapping applications.   GeoJot allows iPhone and iPad 2 users to enter attribute descriptions... (read more)
2011-07-07 10:34:30
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