Istanbul Chooses Orbit GT Mobile Mapping Solutions

Orbit GT’s solutions for Mobile Mapping have been chosen as pinnacle solution for exploiting and sharing huge volumes mobile mapping imagery and Lidar throughout the Istanbul Metropolitan area. Over 5,000 users will now gain instant access to Terabytes of mobile mapping content of great value throughout the administration in this fast-growing city. Peter Bonne, vice-president business development and senior product manager at Orbit GT, said his company congratulates their representative Geomobis on realising this trend-setting solution in one of the world’s largest metropoles.   The choice for Orbit GT software was part of a larger project incorporating the collection of... (read more)
2013-11-11 11:25:00

Integrated Solution for Stereo and Mobile Mapping

Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies showcases an integrated mapping solution for combining stereo and mobile mapping imagery. The photogrammetric solution Strabo and its leading solution for mobile mapping asset inventory has been combined in a single client/server production environment. This integrated and innovating solution is showcased at Intergeo 2011 in Nuremberg, Germany.     VP Business Development and Senior Product Manager at Orbit GT, Peter Bonne, said that stereo-viewing has long been the privilege of the few, and mobile mapping brings as disruptive technology new ways of gathering relevant map data. This integration innovates the way offices can operate whilst using both... (read more)
2011-09-26 11:46:51

Mobile Mapping Van Deployed in Thailand

Tele Atlas will be deploying the Mobile Mapping technology in Thailand, further demonstrating its commitment to delivering high quality digital map data around the world. The van in Thailand will focus on collecting data to ensure changes to the map are accurately reflected and to help generate advanced map features such as 3D landmarks, city blocks with textures and junction views to help generate maps that accurately reflect the urban landscape for a superior, safer navigation experience.     Tele Atlas currently has nearly 50 Mobile Mapping Vans driving around the world, traveling hundreds of thousands of kilometers each year.... (read more)
2009-02-03 12:08:03

Publishing Mobile Mapping Content to the Web

Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies has released Orbit Mobile Mapping Publisher version 10.4, an update of the producer-neutral publisher for mobile mapping content. Mobile mapping content – such as panoramic imagery and point cloud – can now be published to the web and to mobile devices, regardless of the system one uses for collecting the data. Peter Bonne, vice-president business development and senior product manager at Orbit GT, thinks it will revolutionise the emerging mobile mapping business and make its content accessible for all. The Orbit Mobile Mapping Publisher is a part of Orbit’s Mobile Mapping portfolio, together with Orbit Asset Inventory,... (read more)
2013-02-07 12:42:41

European Lidar and Mobile Mapping Conference

The European LiDAR Mapping Forum [ELMF10], to be held in The Hague from 30th November to 1st December 2010 is a two-day technical conference focussing on the use of airborne, bathymetric and terrestrial Lidar with a particular focus on mobile mapping to support transport, urban modelling and asset management and GIS applications. Alongside there is an associated international exhibition for system and component manufacturers, operators and service companies. Building on 10 years of experience with the annual International Lidar Mapping Forum (ILMF) in the USA, the organisers are bringing this event to Europe. With its focus on Lidar technology and... (read more)
2010-03-09 01:14:28

Orbit GT Launches Mobile Mapping Publisher 10.5

Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies has announced the availability of Mobile Mapping Publisher version 10.5, a recognised solution for publishing on the web and sharing huge volumes of mobile mapping content. Version 10.5 again adds numerous new features to this solution for sharing mobile mapping content. The MM Publisher now adds support for large-size imagery and point cloud visualisation. Although the company sees this as a major technology breakthrough, at the same time it is being regarded as a business requirement for today’s captivation systems. Mobile Mapping Publisher 10.5 is a professional alternative to other online street-level imagery services. A versatile tool... (read more)
2013-09-06 01:32:24

Underground Mobile Mapping Platform from Japan

Common mobile mapping systems heavily rely on positioning using GNSS. However, concrete, soil and other materials block GNSS signals, thus impeding their use when inspecting pipelines, subways or other underground corridors. Furthermore, such corridors are often narrow, which requires the system to be compact. In Japan a platform equipped with laser scanners and a camera which has been developed for mapping a wide variety of narrow underground spaces. (By Katsuhisa Banjo, ASCO, Japan)   Regular inspection of underground corridors is important to detect deformations and damage. The success of above-ground mobile mapping systems (MMSs) triggered us to design an MMS... (read more)
2014-06-10 11:25:12

New-generation Leica Mobile Mapping Solution

Leica Geosystems has introduced its next-generation vehicle-independent mobile mapping platform. By calibrating imagery and Lidar point cloud data, the Pegasus:Two delivers highly accurate geospatial data in a 360° spherical view while providing two methods for extracting data – either through Lidar or via photogrammetry. With a sensor platform that uses six horizontal cameras, and an optional rear camera and a skyward view camera, a single high speed Lidar sensor, and an external output for an additional sensor, the Pegasus:Two enables numerous mobile mapping applications, from pavement analysis to geo-referencing railways systems, now possible within the same platform.     From... (read more)
2014-06-03 09:07:17

GeoSLAM Showcases 3D Mobile Mapping Technology

GeoSLAM is returning to the GEO Business geospatial conference at the Business Design Centre in London this year after doubling its distribution network in 12 months. The company, specialised in ‘go-anywhere’ 3D mobile mapping technology, is demonstrating its new real-time upgrade option for its market-leading ZEB-REVO handheld mobile mapping system. Visitors to the exhibition can see the upgrade in action for the first time. The revised datalogger, which is compatible with all existing standard REVOs, is able to undertake SLAM registration in real time. The results can be displayed as they are captured, as the datalogger features integrated Wi-Fi, and... (read more)
2017-05-19 12:39:25

Sneak Mobile Mapping AIM Preview at ASPRS

Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies has announced a sneak preview of the Asset Inventory Management product during ASPRS, Sacramento, USA. Orbit GT has announced that the upcoming release of Orbit’s Asset Inventory Management (AIM) solution for Mobile Mapping will be showcased at the ASPRS convention in Sacramanto, CA, this week. The sneak preview will be hosted at the Topcon booth. Peter Bonne, VP Business Development and senior product manager at Orbit GT said, "The company has been working hard on supporting really huge point clouds and this is a first presentation of our new release, due out in the next few weeks.... (read more)
2012-03-21 10:56:13
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