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indoor navigationEvery month we will focus on a specific theme, featuring a selection of articles which have previously been published in GIM International magazine. By including a mix of older and more recent articles, we will present a complete recap of the subject. Furthermore, we will be bringing you a bi-weekly round-up of Focus Stories related to the theme through our newsletter (sign up here). The theme for March 2016 is:

Indoor Mapping

Indoor Mapping

Guiding Museum Visitors

Some museums have been guiding visitors through their exhibitions electronically using audio tours for decades. The audio content is triggered automatically when the visitor e... (read more)

How Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Boost Mapping

Reflecting the migration of people from rural areas to cities, the need to monitor and maintain urban spaces and corridors – both outdoors and in – is expanding. A... (read more)

Indoor Location: the Mobile Revolution Starts Now

For more than 20 years, the use of global positioning system (GPS) has been the gold standard for outdoor navigation. The satellite-based navigation system has become an indis... (read more)

Indoor Navigation Using Smartphones

Nowadays, navigation systems have become an integral part of everyday life. But since GNSS-based systems do not work in locations where no GNSS signals can be received, a navi... (read more)

Indoor Positioning

Outdoor positioning and navigation techniques using GNSS have been well explored and are now a vital part of daily life all over the planet. Since GNSS was initially designed... (read more)
Indoor Mapping

Indoor Positioning

Wouldn’t it be great if we could find our way around anywhere and at any time using a small in our hand, pocket or bag? What a relief it would be to know that we couldn&... (read more)

Mapping Indoor Spaces with an Advanced Trolley

Few museums, shopping centres, airports and other indoor spaces have been mapped, although the demand for detailed 3D models of such spaces is accelerating rapidly. Here, the... (read more)

Mapping the Indoor World

The availability of mobile devices for all has boosted the demand for indoor location-based services such as indoor routing or indoor navigation. Both researchers and companie... (read more)

Mobile Terrestrial Solution for Surveying and Indoor Mapping

Geomatics engineering is an emerging technology discipline that specialises in acquiring, processing, modelling, analysing, and managing geospatial information. The Geomatics... (read more)
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