FIG Working (from home) Week 2020

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Day 4 - 14 May - What's Next

FIG Working Week - What’s Next?

It is Thursday 14 May 2020, and today should have been the closing day of FIG Working Week in Amsterdam. The programme of today would have been the second General Assembly session and closing ceremony... (read more)
Day 3 - 13 May - 10 Years to Achieve the SDG's

Construction Economics is Fundamental in Responding to Coronavirus

Global construction will be critical in countering the economic effects of coronavirus. Whilst most construction has been adversely affected in the short and medium term by closing sites, social dista... (read more)

Ten Years to Go to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

The countdown begins, only one decade to go to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all and surveying pro... (read more)

Highlighting Spatial Planning and Development at FIG2020

Spatial planning – the focus of commission 8 – is logically much related to the subtheme ‘integrated land and water management’ of the FIG Working Week 2020. From a planners&rs... (read more)

Land Challenges in a Revolving World

Has your world changed in the last four weeks? It has for Commission 7 also, and we are adjusting quickly to the new needs of our world. Commission 7 is about the relationship between land and people,... (read more)
Day 2 - May 12 - Integrated Land and Water Management

Accuracy Near, Far, Above or Under – How is FIG Working Week 2020 Contributing

The skills that engineering surveyors had to acquire in order to respond to the challenges of the construction world have made them capable, also, of fulfilling other challenges, several of which moti... (read more)

Positioning the World for the Future

FIG Commission 5 focuses on meeting the highest level of accuracy for Positioning and Measurement. It provides the tools, techniques and procedures to educate and train surveying professionals everywh... (read more)

Changed Perspectives in Land and Water Management

Situated in the delta of the rivers Meuse and Rhine, the Netherlands have a long tradition in land and water management. The fertile soils along the rivers and coast were quickly occupied for food pro... (read more)

Asia Pacific Capacity Development Network

The FIG Asia Pacific Capacity Development Network (AP CDN), comprises of a group of dedicated individuals from our Commissions, the corporate sector, academic networks, and our sister organizations.&n... (read more)

The FIG Africa Regional Network

The FIG Capacity Development Network (CDN) is playing a leading role in bringing regional member associations and academic members together using a networking approach. This is based on enhancing comm... (read more)

Contribution of Hydrography towards Sustainable Water Management

The 2019-2020 year has been a busy one with the Working Groups of Commission 4 focussing on representing FIG at a number of events and forum to gain insight to develops generally and also to deliver a... (read more)
Day 1 - May 11 - Smart Surveyors for Land and Water Management

The Evolution of the Smart Surveyor

Surveyors are a versatile and flexible bunch. As the current COVID-19 situation has proven, this group, like others, has had to find new ways of operating. As illustrated by this article itself, which... (read more)

Smart Surveyors: Developments and Trends from the FIG Working Week 2020

Some of the challenges demanding innovative surveying approaches and technologies are rapid urban growth, smart energy, cleaner mobility, and ‘land rights for all’. Sensing technologies, s... (read more)

The FIG Standards Network and Standards in Surveying

A simple inspection of still-existing Roman roads, aqueducts and canals shows that the Romans were exceptionally skilled engineers. Shoe sizes provide a person’s shoe fitting size. There are man... (read more)

Spatial Information Management, a Key Discipline for Managing Spatial and Temporal Dynamics

One of the most impressive examples of how phenomena evolve over time and space is the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Knowing in real-time where a local outbreak occurs, how outbreaks evolve over tim... (read more)

COVID-19 Responses and FIG2020: Lessons for Surveying Education

The focus of FIG Commission 2 is on innovative and effective professional education and training for surveyors. This involves curriculum development, innovations in teaching and learning, life-long le... (read more)

Need for International Ethics Standards, Peace and Gender Equality

Commission 1 focuses on establishing a set of ethical principles that fits the surveying profession for reference by professional institutions. It also focuses on promoting greater understanding and i... (read more)
FIG Working Week - Sneak peek

Thinking Out Aloud about a FIG and GIM International Collaboration

Who could ever have imagined that GIM International would publish a summary of a FIG Working Week 2020 that never took place? The planned location was Amsterdam, but the coronavirus outbreak and... (read more)

FIG Young Surveyors Network: Geospatial Agents of Change

With geospatial information being more important now than ever, location-based data is the key to solving the societal challenges of our time. Young geospatial and surveying professionals especially s... (read more)

FIG Working Week 2020 – Distance Matters…

What is the ‘FIG Working Week’? It’s a strange name for a conference, but a name that has become close to a trademark and is significant for the many varied activities that are going... (read more)

From Bulb to Flower, the Road towards FIG2020(+1)

The tulips have been our signature symbol for the FIG Working Week in Amsterdam in 2020. We included this symbol wherever possible: in the logo of FIG2020, in our images and of course with the orange... (read more)
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Webinar Young Surveyors network

FIG President Rudolf Staiger introduction and report

Theme: Smart Surveyors

Smart Surveyors
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Integrated Land and Water Management
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