SPOT 6/7 Imagery to Improve Efficiency of US Agriculture

Airbus Defence and Space has entered into an agreement with the GIS mapping engine operator Satshot to provide high-resolution SPOT 6/7 satellite data over a large area of the corn and wheat belt within the continental United States. SPOT 6/7 data is integrated into the Satshot platform, which can be used for deep analysis of specific farmland for further improved operations and efficiency. Satshot is a fully customized cloud-based online Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping engine that handles satellite imagery distribution, analysis, and management for the agricultural (ag) industry. Satshot relies on three main platforms (Mapcenter, Landscout and iCue) along... (read more)
2017-08-29 08:54:57

Precision Agriculture Meets UAV Technology with Pix4Dmapper

Pix4D, the Swiss provider of UAV processing software, has released version 1.1 of Pix4Dmapper. The new version includes additional features for precision agriculture as well as support for all GoPro models. The integrated Index Calculator allows users to create meaningful maps from any multi-spectral sensor and customise their NDVIs and any vegetation index map directly in the software. How to get from UAV imagery to NDVIs in a single workflow and just a few clicks? It all starts with using either multi-spectral sensors or more than one camera, for example processing NIR and RGB imagery together in one project. Once... (read more)
2014-05-01 09:28:59

Hi-Target Wins Myanmar Ministry of Agriculture Tender for 100 Total Stations

Hi-Target, one of the largest public companies in China’s surveying industry, recently won the bid to supply 100 total stations in the tender announced by Settlement and Land Record Department at the Ministry of Agriculture in Myanmar. The total stations will help the Myanmar Ministry of Agriculture to collate data and value and manage land accurately and professionally. According to official information, this important global tender had attracted more than 30 competitors in the industry, including top-ranked brands from Europe, the USA, Japan and China. A representative officer from the Myanmar Ministry of Agriculture said that the excellent performance of... (read more)
2013-11-29 08:30:00

Precision Agriculture: Customised Nitrogen Fertilisation to Maximise Economic and Environmental Gains

Canadian agriculture has an international reputation for being highly productive and modern. The sector plays a major role in the country’s economy and contributes to 8% of GDP (approximately USD82 billion dollars) and 12% of jobs (2.1 million people). For the past few years, in order to optimise performance and revenue while respecting the environment, producers have been counting on a new ally: precision agriculture. This article explains how satellite images are used to obtain much of the information required. (By Yacine Bouroubi, Effigis, Canada) Everyone involved in Canada’s agricultural sector (decision-makers, producers and advisors) is aware of the environmental issues associated with farming (air... (read more)
2016-03-04 09:39:03

Cloud-based GIS System for Agricultural Resource Management

New technologies and government policies are both in favour of maximising food production. The movement for sustainable agriculture is also significantly increasing in order to maintain a balance between environmental health and economic profitability. GIS technologies are giving the Council of Agriculture in Taiwan the ability to establish a cloud-based agricultural information system for easy access to GIS resources and support the nation’s sustainable agriculture. The Council of Agriculture, Taiwan, has launched a scheme named 'Agriculture Cloud Service Project' that focuses on the improvement of agriculture cloud services and the establishment of a large database of agricultural information to support... (read more)
2014-02-26 10:23:48

senseFly Announces Enterprise Partnerships with Trimble and Microsoft Drive

senseFly, the Switzerland-based fixed-wing drones company, has entered new strategic partnerships. The organisations include Trimble and Microsoft and is focused on the capability and suitability of senseFly’s fixed-wing drones and drone sensors for precision agriculture. “Trimble and Microsoft are major players in the agriculture sector, and these relationships are a testament to senseFly’s drones operating at the high standards required by large organisations to deliver the results they need”, explained Gilles Labossière, CEO of senseFly. “This includes being able to offer a range of cameras to meet project-specific requirements, absolute accuracy down to 3cm and unparalleled flight times that enable... (read more)
2019-11-14 09:08:19

Watershed Analysis

SimActive‘s Correlator3D has been purchased by the Quebec Department of Agriculture (Canada). SimActive's software will be primarily used for watershed analysis from imagery. Correlator3D is providing the Department of Agriculture a solution for generating terrain profiles, taking advantage of its existing database of aerial images, providing a much larger return on investment.   The ability to quickly and easily generate digital surface models (DSM) will allow the Department of Agriculture to significantly reduce costs of watershed analysis compared to traditional survey methods or LiDAR data.   (read more)
2009-06-23 11:29:41

Expanding Chinese Rural Land Registration Programme

International Land Systems (ILS), Inc., USA, and the Anhui Agriculture Commission have signed a memorandum of understanding to further develop a rural land registration and mapping program for Anhui Province. The memorandum comes immediately after concluding a successful United States Trade and Development Agency-funded technical assistance pilot. The initial pilot established a rural land certification process in China's Anhui Province, and registered rural farmers' households in two Chinese villages to secure their property rights.     The memorandum was signed on July 18 by ILS executive vice president Peter Rabley and Anhui Agriculture Commission director of Personnel Management Zhang Zekun... (read more)
2011-08-22 09:34:47

Australia Outback Guidance Network Expanding

Outback Guidance by Hemisphere GPS is expanding its sales network throughout Australia by implementing the US model that helped Outback Guidance develop itself into one of North America's largest aftermarket suppliers of GPS guidance systems for agriculture. This will allow Australian growers to purchase Outback Guidance's all new eDriveX and A220/A221centimetre-level automated steering system, along with the full line of other Outback products, before the 2010 planting season. Hemisphere GPS plans to increase its presence in Australia's sophisticated precision agriculture market by implementing a two-tier marketing approach. First, Hemisphere GPS will build on its existing business relationships, which it acquired... (read more)
2010-03-02 09:33:20

Agricultural Auto-Steer Solutions

Leica Geosystems’ agricultural applications provide farmers with reliable, easy to use precision agriculture tools to help reduce input costs and increase profitability. Working from the global headquarters in Switzerland and regional offices in North America and Australia, Leica Geosystems Agriculture Solutions Group combines the company’s measurement and positioning technology with local agriculture specialists to offer farmers the best support in each market.     The entry model Leica mojoGLIDE is a dual frequency auto-steer system providing 15-25cm pass-to-pass accuracy without the use of a base station or network connection. For more precise requirements, e.g. for vegetable production, the mojoGLIDE can... (read more)
2009-10-29 01:33:55
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