Mobile eGIS Field Software

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS, USA) has released a mobile GIS field software solution: eGIS. It is compatible with Topcon’s FC-25, FC-236, Tesla and GRS-1 controllers, and facilitates all accuracy capabilities from autonomous measurements to RTK centimetre-level accuracy. The new software makes it easy to collect and maintain databases for a variety of uses: electric utilities, gas pipelines, disaster management, water and wastewater operations, forestry, highway maintenance, environmental studies, as well as other mapping projects. (read more)
2012-07-26 11:32:58

Strata Software Launched Penmap.NET

Strata Software (UK) launched Penmap.NET, a multi platform fully .NET compliant surveying software system. Penmap.NET allows field data collection on most systems connected to any major GPS or other surveying equipment, and is compatible with all of the industry leading office software. Penmap.NET runs on: Penmap.NET for TabletPC, Pocket Penmap.NET for PDA and Pocket Penmap.NET for Mobile Phones. Now Penmap.NET is available as an ‘add on’ package for use directly in AutoCAD. (read more)
2006-03-31 12:00:00

Hitachi Software/Pictometry Accord

Hitachi Software Global Technology (CO, USA) and Pictometry (NY, USA) have signed an agreement under the terms of which Hitachi Software has modified its HouseDiff change-detection software to use Pictometry imagery and Pictometry has integrated the resulting change files into its Change Analysis software. Pictometry will now be able to market HouseDiff. Pictometry software enables accessing several high-resolution images of a same area and taking measurements directly from georeferenced imagery. It also can insert GIS content and other data. (read more)
2005-03-16 12:00:00

Safe Software Joins Proteus Partnership

The United Nations Environment Programme‘s World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) have invited Safe Software into their Proteus Partnership, a collaboration of progressive corporate business leaders and the UNEP-WCMC. The goal of Proteus is to provide industry decision makers with access to the best possible data on location and distribution of biodiversity to support risk management and safeguard the Earth's biodiversity and ecosystems.     The UNEP-WCMC helps decision-makers to protect conservation areas and therefore ensure that future generations can enjoy the benefits of biodiversity. To accomplish this, the Centre provides critical information to aid biodiversity assessments and policy support for... (read more)
2009-09-29 08:49:52

Safe Software FME 2011 Launch

Safe Software has launched a new version of its spatial data transformation platform, FME 2011. Built to address industry advancements and customer feedback, the package assist organisations to control their spatial data and improve data interoperability.   In today's environment of diversity of data formats and data models, as well as increasing data volumes, organisations are facing more and more pressure to maximise the use of their spatial data for planning and decision making.   As LiDAR increasingly enters the mainstream, many organizations are looking for a way to manage the potential of point clouds. To address this growing need,... (read more)
2011-01-20 10:12:56

Safe Software FME 2006 GB

Safe Software Inc. (Canada) its upcoming release FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) technology will process an unprecedented volume of spatial data. This improved performance is the result of enhancements that make FME 2006 GB Large Address Aware, allowing it to access significantly increased memory resources when running on selected 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Microsoft WindowsT operating system. Traditionally, FME running on 32-bit versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system could access a maximum of 2GB of available memory; the remaining 2GB were reserved for kernel operating processes. FME 2006 GB takes advantage of the Windows /3GB switch that divides... (read more)
2006-06-12 12:00:00

Contex’ Software JPEG 2000 Compatible

Contex’ WIDEimageNET and JETimageNET are now compatible with the newest version of the JPEG format—JPEG 2000. JPEG 2000 uses 'wavelet' technology, and as well as being better at compressing images (up to, and exceeding 20% more), it can allow an image to be retained without any distortion or loss of data. One early use of JPEG 2000 will be as a base file format in image archives and databases. Traditionally, image archives store multiple copies of an individual files at varying resolutions and quality levels so that they can supply appropriate image data on request. In addition, considerable metadata is... (read more)
2006-04-24 12:00:00

SuperGeo Announces GIS Software Products

SuperGeo Technologies has expressed its intention to launch various GIS software products, including mobile GIS, server GIS and desktop GIS, to provide more comprehensive GIS solutions. One of the new products will be Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.1, scheduled for the first quarter of this year. In 2012, SuperGeo released a variety of GIS products and solutions to users and enterprises around the world. For example, the launch of SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 and extensions help users to visualise, process, analyse and manage a variety of geospatial data effectively. For mobile GIS applications, SuperGeo released SuperSurv 3 for Android-powered devices and SuperPad... (read more)
2013-01-03 12:35:34

Snowflake Software appoints Phil Lines

Phil Lines joins the Board of Directors at Snowflake Software to drive the sales strategy and further develop international alliances and partnership programmes. Lines brings a wealth of experience to the company having held leading, commercial roles in the GIS and CAD industries.   Lines' expertise in professional business development, extending partner relationships and establishing channel sales makes him an ideal candidate as Snowflake Software continues to grow its reseller network throughout Europe and the Rest of World. His tactical approach to implementing successful commercial initiatives and proven track record of growing corporate revenue will undoubtedly contribute strongly towards the... (read more)
2008-12-05 11:53:28

Carlson Software Introduces Grade 3.0

Carlson Software (KY, USA) has introduced the Carlson Grade 3.0, software which comes in seven scaleable upgrade modules, which can be customised to meet individual needs. "Carlson's ‘Upgrade Option Authorization' allows the customer to purchase only the features needed while being able to upgrade completely to future added features," says Randy Noland, vice president of Sales and Marketing and OEM/Business Development for the Positioning and Machine Control Division of Carlson Software.  "Additional GNSS support, axial sensor support, machine type support, software feature support, and more can be selected and only those features paid for," Noland adds.   Featuring DWG and... (read more)
2008-03-14 11:25:03
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