Woolpert and Allvision enhance geospatial AI in strategic collaboration

Woolpert and Allvision enhance geospatial AI in strategic collaboration

Woolpert has forged a strategic alliance with Allvision with the goal of enhancing geospatial artificial intelligence capabilities and applications. This partnership seamlessly integrates Pittsburgh-based geospatial analytics and asset management company Allvision's expertise in AI, machine learning and deep learning technologies with Woolpert's proficiency in Lidar and imagery collection and processing. The overarching objective is to craft cutting-edge geospatial solutions tailored for a global clientele.

As part of the agreement, Woolpert gains exclusive rights to Allvision's proprietary AI technology for Lidar and imagery processing on a market-specific basis. This aligns seamlessly with Woolpert's existing patents for high-resolution topographic and bathymetric Lidar technologies, along with its proprietary machine learning program utilizing AI technology, algorithms and workflows to generate geospatial data and insights.

The partnership harnesses Woolpert's terrestrial, aerial, and hydrographic Lidar data and imagery capabilities alongside Allvision's AI and ML technologies. This synergy supports the assessment, inventories and management of natural infrastructure and the built environment.

Former Allvision team members, including co-founders Aaron Morris and Ryan Frenz, have joined Woolpert to contribute to the development of customer-centric solutions through integrated geospatial technologies. Co-founder Elmer Bol will continue leading Allvision in delivering AI-based asset mapping, while Woolpert and Allvision will maintain their partnership on various mobile Lidar projects.

Geospatial AI and technology hub

"Allvision is a startup founded on software and AI to enable the use of geospatial data at a massive scale, and collaboration with a global leader like Woolpert makes that possible," said Morris. "By coupling Woolpert's full range of geospatial data with our AI technologies and processing, we can efficiently interpret the real world and translate it into the digital world. This creates a digital twin, a representation of the world that is up-to-date, accurate, and actionable, that will allow us to build a whole new future."

Joseph Seppi, Woolpert senior vice president and geospatial sector leader, highlighted the client-driven nature of this collaboration, emphasizing the efficiencies and accuracy provided by geospatial AI in data processing and automated feature extraction.

With the inclusion of the Allvision team, Woolpert has established a geospatial AI and technology hub in Pittsburgh. This hub not only supports Woolpert's geospatial solutions but also enhances AI capabilities and insights for Woolpert's architecture and engineering clients. The city's strong regional talent pipeline, including institutions like Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, further positions it as an ideal location for such technological advancements.

"We're excited to expand in a city known for innovation, robotics, AI, technology, and computer science," stated Neil Churman, Woolpert chief corporate development Officer, who is also based in Pittsburgh. "Aaron, Ryan, and their team will rapidly advance our geospatial AI capabilities as we continue to enhance our geospatial solutions for our clients. We are thrilled to have them at Woolpert as we move the industry forward together."

An illustration showcasing Lidar imagery captured by Woolpert. (Image courtesy: Woolpert)
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