New Outback AutoMate for Planter Section Control - 19/11/2009

Hemisphere GPS have announced the release of the new version of Outback AutoMate for Planter Section Control. The new version includes advanced software and three customised planter kits for the already successful boom section control product. This version also features 10 new languages in support of growing international market opportunities.


Outback AutoMate provides automatic control of spray booms and planter sections, and is designed to work with Outback Guidance systems. It monitors and controls individual sprayer or planter sections to minimise overlaps and skips. It can turn on and off booms or sections based on predefined field boundaries, no-spray or no-plant zones and previously applied areas. It offers up to 10 section automatic control, manual section control, and up to eight pre-defined no-spray/no-plant zones per job. The new planter interface kits include one kit for air clutch planters with up to eight sections and two kits for electric clutch planters with two or four sections.

"Right now, everyone is trying to control costs along with their bottom line, and precision agricultural tools such as Outback AutoMate are the answer to those concerns," said John Bohlke, Director of Product Marketing for Hemisphere GPS. "The Outback AutoMate automated boom and section control prevents the waste of seed, herbicide and fertiliser. When it is paired with one of our GPS guidance systems such as Outback S3, customers will see exceptionally accurate, precise and repeatable applications and a quick return on investment."

New Outback AutoMate systems are available through Outback Guidance Centers, other distributors in North America and through Hemisphere GPS distributors worldwide. Please contact Outback Guidance customer service or visit for more information on clutch compatibility for Outback AutoMate. Current Outback AutoMate owners can download the updated software (AutoMate version 1.11.0001) from the Download Center page on

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