Serving the Surveying World

TI Asahi

Japanese company TI Asahi has been supplying surveying equipment to the industry for more than 80 years. It has an ongoing commitment to developing high-quality PENTAX and Linertec products which improve the efficiency and ease of surveying operations around the world.

The head office of TI Asahi is located in Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken, Japan. Its main functions are Research & Development, Production, and Sales & Marketing. The company supplies PENTAX surveying instruments, which are mass produced at its factory TI Precision Shanghai in Shanghai, China, to over 80 countries around the world through a network of experienced sales and service partners.


2013 marked the 80th anniversary of the launch of the PENTAX surveying business. The company originated in 1933 when Fuji Sokuryo Manufacturing was established. That company developed and supplied not only levels, transits and optical theodolites but also special products such as tilting levels with cameras, jig transits, axis-alignment transits and pantographs, under the brand names of Fuji and Geotec.


The company was merged into the PENTAX group in 1967. From then on, the incorporation of advanced optical and electronic technologies resulted in successful market introductions including electronic distance-measuring instruments, electronic theodolites and total stations which were all sold under the PENTAX brand name. In 2009, the business was transferred to TI Asahi, which was at that time a newly established company in Japan, as a subsidiary of TIC Group, for the purpose of continuing and further developing the PENTAX surveying instrument business.


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