3G and Lorienne Partnership - 19/11/2010

During the GeoTunis conference, to be held from 29th November to 3rd December 2010, Lorienne (France) announces a partnership to leverage and extend the German GeoConsultants Group (3G, Germany) offering on its territory.

The 3G local presence in North-Africa countries will provide a recognised expertise in the Geo Spatial markets where LorikSoftware will become the masterpiece of the cartographic finishing workflow. Both Lorienne and 3G are focusing on high quality and high performance services to the attention of most demanding customers. This partnership will provide customers in the region the best available technologies and expertise to meet the highest performative Geo Spatial solutions.

As a result, the complementary expertise of 3G and Lorienne broaden the spectrum of possible applications for the customers in the region. Geo Spatial data processing is expending with the generalization of location based application demand and 3G/Lorienne partnership enable flexibility and fast response solutions in this growing market.

Last updated: 27/02/2018