Advances in Mobile Mapping Technology - 19/02/2007

Taylor and Francis (The Netherlands) has announced a new publication in the ISPRS Book Series, Advances in Mobile Mapping Technology. The publication was edited by C. Vincent Tao of Microsoft Virtual Earth Business Unit & Jonathan Li of the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Tao and Li’s book describes the latest research and developments in the fast-moving area of mobile mapping technology, which allows geospatial data to be gathered by mapping sensors mounted on mobile platforms. These platforms include satellites, aircraft, road vehicles and ships; while the newest portable sensors may simply be carried by an individual. Advances in telecommunication networks and the ready availability of low-cost, portable sensors, means that mobile mapping has become highly dynamic, and even pervasive. Furthermore, facilities such as internet mapping have opened up the possibility of multi-platform, integrated technologies, initiating an exciting new trend towards rapid geospatial data acquisition.

The book addresses a wide variety of research issues and provides researchers and practitioners with a good overall view of the latest developments.  Full table of contents and authors via [email protected]

The book is available via for American customers:

List Price: £54.00/99.95

ISBN: 9780415427234

Publisher: Taylor and Francis NL

Publication Date: 02/02/2007

Hardback, Pages: 191

Members of the ISPRS should visit the ISPRS site for details of ordering at discount.

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