AutoTURN 5.1 Software - 31/01/2007

Transoft Solutions (The Netherlands), developers of CAD-based software for the architectural and engineering design industry, has released the simulation software AutoTURN live.

Requirements for civil engineers in road design and traffic planning increase: clients do not only ask for compliance with guidelines and standards, they also ask for verifying feasibility of special vehicles in design. Conventional digital templates are not adequate anymore. The customer wants to see swept paths of double articulated buses or of the currently discussed XXL-trucks resp. 'Gigaliners' or 'Euro-Combis' with a total length of 25 metres.

AutoTURN has an answer to these requirements. With this tool designers, engineers and architects can easily create own vehicles and simulate manoeuvres. The program supports engineers with designing traffic facilities, logistic centres or loading docks. The user directs the vehicle through its drawing by ‘point and click’ whereby reverse manoeuvres and complex turns can be visualised smoothly.

AutoTURN calculates simulations depending on speed and the program indicates when the maximum steering angle or articulating angle are reached. This allows the civil engineer to make a realistic estimation of his planning.


Source: Transoft Solutions

Last updated: 28/08/2020