Bentley Announces BE Careers Network - 26/05/2005

Bentley Systems, Incorporated (PA, USA) has announced BE Careers Network, an upgrade to its former Bentley Education Network (BEN) that focuses on increasing the number of students entering the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) field. BE Careers Network's first initiative is the BE Careers Program, which is designed to help students understand and become familiar with computer-aided design and architectural design software, and enable colleges and universities to cost-effectively incorporate AEC technology into their curriculums.

This new empowerment program gives students practical, hands-on experience with professional AEC technology - the same used by many of the Engineering News-Record Design 500 and major owner-operators to improve the world's infrastructure. It does this by providing the academic community with three levels of licensing/subscription

  • Individual student licensing - Middle-school and high-school students gain exposure to the basic engineering disciplines associated with computer-aided design and architectural design software by taking advantage of Bentley's free download of MicroStation PowerDraft. The download includes a three-year license, an 18-week curriculum for teachers, and a student guide that can be reproduced at no cost to the school. MicroStation PowerDraft can be downloaded by schools and students for free at
  • Department licensing - University departments can add to their curriculums a total of 45 commercial software programs in architecture, geospatial, plant design, and civil and environmental engineering by taking advantage of the program's heavily discounted academic license subscriptions and training. The subscription for this software is based on a per seat cost and is provided at less than 1% of the commercial list price. The BE Careers Program department-level subscription includes free training for instructors, access to relevant course material, technical support, software updates, and free copies for students.
  • Campus licensing - The BE Careers Program also makes available campus-wide license subscriptions. This subscription level includes everything offered by department-level subscriptions and, in addition, extends licensing to an unlimited number of users.

To date, more than 1,400 academic institutions have adopted the software offered through the BE Careers Program.

To get more details on the BE Careers Program, talk to an expert, or access the free download of MicroStation PowerDraft for schools and students, visit

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