Combining precision and power: the Mars Pro GNSS receiver

Combining precision and power: the Mars Pro GNSS receiver

The Mars Pro Laser RTK is the third addition to ComNav’s Universe series of GNSS receivers, following on from the Venus Laser RTK and Mars Laser RTK. According to ComNav Technology Ltd (ComNav), the Mars Pro boasts enhanced performance and an accompanying OLED screen. This cutting-edge GNSS receiver marries the latest advancements in GNSS, IMU and laser technologies, heralding a new era of precision, efficiency and excellence in land surveying, GIS and construction.   

During the design phase, the focus was on creating an innovative solution for challenging landscapes such as hard-to-reach, signal-obstructed and hazardous areas where conventional GNSS receivers might struggle. In such situations, users can simply click on the data collector to switch the Mars Pro to laser mode. Then, they can effortlessly carry out measurements by easily selecting a signal-friendly spot within a 10m radius.

Integrated laser mode

Thanks to the millimetre-level laser distance meter integrated at the rear, the Mars Pro’s laser mode can be used in surveying and stakeout scenarios to streamline tasks, eliminate complexities and provide a high degree of stability and precision. For example, laser mode mitigates the risks associated with taking measurements in challenging conditions, such as when measuring bridge piers from the opposite side of a riverbank. In this case, the Mars Pro enables the task to be completed from a safe position along the shore. Similarly, the Mars Pro’s laser functionality supports efficiency when measuring tricky corners in walls or roofs, road surfaces separated by fences, or pipelines in the middle of a river.

Moreover, the integrated IMU sensor offers up to 60° tilt compensation which remains functional even when operating in laser mode, allowing for uncompromised efficiency and accuracy.

Full-constellation support

Besides the convenient laser mode, the Mars Pro is equipped with the latest K8 platform. This boasts full-constellation support, offering 1,668 tracking channels and over 60 satellite tracking capabilities across all existing and planned constellations: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BDS, QZSS and IRNSS. This optimization enhances signal acquisition and guarantees high-precision results. Furthermore, the Mars Pro offers support for PPP service, enabling rapid fixing within seconds and substantially enhancing overall productivity.

Other features of the Mars Pro include a sunlight-readable and easy-to-view dynamic OLED colour screen. Essential data – satellite count, fixed state, on-off state, power and more – is visualized in real time. This interactive display enhances surveyors’ operational control and user experience. Communication is supported via Wi-Fi, 4G and Bluetooth.

For more information about the possibilities of the Mars Laser RTK Pro GNSS receiver, see here.

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