ComNav adds LS300 laser scanner to product range

ComNav adds LS300 laser scanner to product range

ComNav has announced the launch of its latest innovation: the LS300 3D laser scanner. This addition to the company's product lineup signifies a significant leap forward in addressing the dynamic needs of industries requiring high-precision mapping and spatial data collection. ComNav is a forerunner in innovative positioning and measurement solutions.

The LS300 is a high-end scanning system designed to deliver trustworthy performances across diverse environments. Leveraging Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology, the LS300 provides advanced real-time positioning and mapping capabilities, operating independently of GNSS positioning. Whether in indoor or outdoor settings, this state-of-the-art scanner ensures unparalleled accuracy and adaptability.

Meeting industry needs

The LS300 boasts a notable set of specifications, including a 120m working range and a high sampling rate of 0.32 million points per second. With a point cloud accuracy of 1cm, particularly excelling in low reflectivity extended-range scenarios, the LS300 proves versatile with its compatibility with specialized kits: handheld, backpack, car mount and drone kits. From navigating narrow tunnels to rapidly scanning roadside facilities, the LS300 is tailored to meet diverse industry needs, fostering seamless collaboration and simplifying interfacing efforts.

Applications of the LS300 span a wide range of fields, including smart cities, the digitization of underground facilities, geology, surveying and mapping, agriculture, forestry and mining, reflecting its adaptability to various industry requirements.

Beyond its impressive scanning capabilities, the LS300 stands out for its robust data post-processing features. Utilizing Hybrid Solution Technology (HSL), it enables preliminary data processing during scanning, facilitating the collection of high-precision data and expediting subsequent processing.

Reduced learning curve

The LS300's lightweight design facilitates agile data collection, allowing users to move freely for comprehensive information gathering. Real-time viewing of point cloud data through a mobile app enhances monitoring and interaction capabilities, making the LS300 user-friendly. The larger colour status-display screen provides comprehensive insights into the scanning process, reducing the learning curve and ensuring a smoother user experience.

Moreover, the LS300 incorporates a redundant battery design with two hot-swappable batteries, ensuring prolonged operation without frequent charging or interruptions. This innovative approach significantly contributes to enhanced safety, reliability and operational efficiency.

According to ComNav, its commitment to advancing technology and solutions is evident in its continuous innovation in high-precision positioning and mobile measurement. The company regards the LS300 as a testament to this commitment, meeting the evolving demands of professional users across industries.

ComNav's LS300 3D laser scanner solution.
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