Customised Outback S3 Systems for Summit Liability Solutions - 16/08/2010

Hemisphere GPS is to supply the S3 S, a customised Outback S3 precision guidance system for Summit Liability Solutions (Summit). The S3 S uses Hemisphere GPS' Crescent GPS receiver technology in combination with a Hemisphere GPS eDriveTC for tilt control to precisely apply drilling fluids to a disposal area and is designed to eliminate most of the human error currently present in drilling waste disposal services.

With Summit direction and logic, Hemisphere GPS modified the popular Outback S3 to interface with the Summit Earth system. Summit Earth is a Summit designed web based data entry platform with built in satellite imagery, regulatory compliance checking and self-auditing capabilities, and reporting functionality. Spatial information from Summit Earth is uploaded into the S3 S Navigator and, once armed, the system controls the discharge valve of a disposal unit based on regulatory parameters entered by Summit's field technicians. The custom software of the S3 S Navigator provides visual reference and guidance of the disposal operations. Upon completion of a job, spatial information collected in real time is downloaded from the S3 S Navigator and uploaded into Summit Earth where the final report is produced and the true disposal area is overlaid onto satellite imagery. The S3 S Navigator provides on/off boundaries to keep the waste disposal within a given area and automatically turns the discharge system on and off when the vehicle reaches the set boundaries. The eDriveTC provides the S3 S with details of the vehicle's slope to prevent runoff and pooling of drilling fluids by limiting disposal on restricted terrain and enables either pitch or roll measurements to be taken. Field notes can be utilised and the system is designed to convert log files into useable file formats for use in Summit Earth and or Google Maps.

Summit Liability Solutions Inc. is the exclusive partner with Hemisphere GPS as Summit will market and support the S3 S as an integral part of their comprehensive drilling waste management system.

Last updated: 27/02/2020