Delivering Instant Smart City Models with Web Streaming - 20/05/2016

CartoConsult, a provider of smart 3D building and city models, can now deliver 3D city and building models, via the web to any internet-connected device, on subscription. With live web streaming, CyberCity 3D models can be instantly viewed anywhere, any time, on tablets, smartphones, interactive screens and traditional PCs.

Using Cesiumjs open architecture, a cross-platform virtual globe designed for dynamic-data visualisation, CartoConsult believes the new web streaming capability will significantly boost the appeal of applying 3D capability to projects.


Potential users such as urban planners, developers and engineers will no longer need special software to view the models. The data is still fully compatible with GIS, CAD and other mapping software with 3D capabilities, but it is no longer a requirement for viewing the data. Cesiumjs uses WebGL and requires no plugin to run in a web browser, and is cross-platform compatible.

Tim Hughes, managing director of CartoConsult, said Cesiumjs is the best platform for visualising spatial data on the web with high quality graphics and an easy, interactive user interface that is ideal for viewing their 3D smart city and building models. It offers lightweight, open architecture that can be deployed across multiple device types. D. It also works as a behind the firewall application for defence or security conscious clients, he added.


A big benefit of the web streaming is portability, allowing users to access the 3D models easily, anywhere, anytime. Whether a planning meeting, public consultation or impromptu meetings with stakeholders and developers, the 3D visualisations can be viewed and discussed with full feature interaction. The streamed models can also include real-time data from sensors across cities, such as transport and air quality monitoring. 

Because of CyberCity 3D’s smart buildings open nature, it gives flexibility to Carto clients to build the 3D solution they need to meet the challenges around Smart Cities, big data and the transparency needed to inform all interested parties including the inhabitants of the town or city, explained Hughes.

CartoConsult’s 3D maps can be used for a host of applications including planning, transport, environment & flood risk and tourism.  For more information see here.

Last updated: 27/02/2018