EagleView and Esri Canada Present New Integration within Cityworks Platform

EagleView and Esri Canada Present New Integration within Cityworks Platform

EagleView's Integrated Pictometry Application (IPA) can now be launched from the Cityworks Esri map viewer. This new integration simplifies the asset management workflow for users in Canada by allowing them to view EagleView’s high-resolution aerial imagery in a web browser. EagleView is a leading technology provider of aerial imagery and data analytics, while Esri Canada is the sole distributor of Cityworks public asset management solutions in Canada.

This integration simplifies the project workflow by allowing public works and asset management personnel to access high-resolution oblique imagery directly within the Cityworks platform, eliminating countless field visits to save both time and money. With EagleView’s patented oblique imagery, which provides a 45-degree angle view of a property, personnel can utilize ‘ground-truthing’ to verify assets in the field, such as signs and traffic lights.

Aerial imagery and oblique perspectives

Esri Canada is pleased to have worked with EagleView, the provider of Pictometry imagery, on this integration,” said Rob Santos, director of Public Works, Esri Canada. “The ability to expand GIS capabilities within Cityworks by integrating Esri partner solutions is a huge differentiator and value-added benefit that Cityworks solutions bring to Esri customers. Integrating EagleView – with its aerial imagery and oblique perspectives – with Cityworks will streamline business workflows and improve decision making related to asset maintenance and land management activities. This integration is a very simple-to-use but powerful addition to the Cityworks library of map tools.”

“We are thrilled to be able to integrate EagleView’s high-resolution aerial imagery within the best-in-class asset management tools that Cityworks provides,” said Robert Locke, president of Government at EagleView. “This partnership makes it easy for public works and asset management personnel in Canada to verify assets from their desk, which drastically improves efficiency as well as return on investment. We’re happy to partner with Esri Canada to make this ease of use possible, which is central to our core mission.”

Bridging the potential of existing technology and data

With the new integration, a variety of departments within local government, such as fire staff, parks and recreation, and engineering, can collaborate with public works and asset management personnel within one environment, ensuring accuracy and ease of use. Cityworks users can utilize the integration from either behind the desk, saving time and money, or in the field in the event of an on-site visit.

“Since our initial commitment to EagleView and the use of oblique imagery, the City of Leduc has been actively seeking ways to capitalize on the tremendous potential of applying this technology to the significant workflows within our Public Services department,” said Cindy Post, manager of Enterprise Systems and Analytics, City of Leduc, AB. “This integration, initiated by the Corporate Information Technology department, was driven by the city’s commitment to find innovative solutions that bridge and leverage the potential of existing technology and data.”

“Functions such as remotely measuring roads, bridges and other key infrastructure will save time and money, and the additional capability available with oblique imagery will reveal greater detail of structures, traffic signals, fire hydrants, and other critical municipal infrastructure,” said Rick Sereda, director of Public Services, City of Leduc, AB. “We are excited to put this into production, and grateful to EagleView and Esri Canada for the opportunity to see this partnership realized.”

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