Education Sessions "Earth from Space - The Most Effective Solutions" - 29/03/2007

RDC ScanEx (Russia), one of two organisers of the International Conference \"Earth from Space - The Most Effective Solutions\", has made available its education session program.

Educational session will be held at two locations: in Vatutinki Moscow Region recreation complex and Cosmonautics Memorial Museum.

The educational session conference will be attended by representatives of secondary and higher educational institutions, research and development organisations, cultural community, pilot-cosmonauts and mass media.

Organisation and activities of the educational session are supported by the Russian Cosmonautics Federation.

December 6 - Vatutinki Moscow Region recreation center

1. Workshop “Micro Satellites for Science and Education…”
2. Master Class hosted by RDC ScanEx designer

December 7 - Cosmonautics Memorial Museum

1. Plenary meeting:
• Domestic and international experience of using Earth remote sensing data in educational programs and projects;
• Use of space images and 3D modeling for development of educational GIS;

2. Pilot cosmonaut master class for designers, artists, WEB-designers, school and college students, using Earth images from space in their works;
3. Poster presentations of teachers and school/college students from different regions of Russian Federation;
4. Press conference for Mass Media representatives (15-20 minutes).

December 8 - Cosmonautics Memorial Museum

Guided tours day
1. Memorial house-museum of academician S. P. Korolyov (28, 1st Ostankinskaya Street)
2. Guided tours options:
• GCTC after Yu. A. Gagarin (Star City)
• Mission Control Center (Korolyov city)

The agenda of the educational session conference at exposition area of the Cosmonautics Memorial Museum will include art works expositions of pilot-cosmonauts, designers, spacescape artists using Earth images from space, tours over new CMM expositions, conference with the crew of the International Space Station, demonstration of educational multi-media products of ScanEx R&D Center and the Cosmonautics Memorial Museum.

Educational Projects
Below is the list of partner educational, socio-cultural projects, which will be presented to the conference participants and guests at the educational session by the employees of Cosmonautics Memorial Museum, RDC ScanEx and NGO Transparent World:

1. Use of Earth satellite monitoring data in teaching humanitarian disciplines (based on the cultural history);
2. Micro satellites for science and education “Transparent World”;
3. Internet competition “Live Map”;
4. World heritage in Russia (Earth from Space Imagery Atlas);
5. All-Russia summer aerospace school of CMM and RDC ScanEx;
6. All-Russia youth science readings after S. P. Korolyov;
7. Space atlas “Unique Kaluga area”;
8. CMM educational geo-informational system;
9. Geo-informational system of Prospect Mira Avenue, Moscow;
10. Space address atlas “Russia – ground starting point for the first space launches”, etc.

The conference ‘will be held in Moscow, Russia from 4th till 6th December 2007. The biennial event is organised by RDC ScanEx and NGO Transparent World.

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