emisphere GPS - YTO OEM Alliance for Outback Guidance - 15/02/2011

Hemisphere GPS and YTO Group Corporation have entered into an OEM alliance to launch Outback Guidance precision farming products in China. YTO, a manufacturer with over fifty years of experience, provides a series of agricultural, construction and power machinery, vehicles and spare parts. YTO are now complementing their farm machinery product line with Outback guidance systems, GPS and the eDriveX system that will automatically steer their farm machinery to centimetre-level accuracy.

YTO has recently been awarded a number of units in a recent tender in Heilongjiang. Hemisphere GPS also recently displayed the Outback Guidance products on YTO’s new and largest tractor, model YTO-LA2004, at the Information and Modern Agriculture Exposition (IMAE2010) in Beijing.

"Our customers will now be able to improve their farming practices and efficiency through the GPS-based Outback S3 and eDriveX automated steering system by Hemisphere GPS," says Xie Fang, Chief of Products Management at YTO. "We added more value to our farm tractor product line through the alliance with Hemisphere GPS."


Outback Guidance precision agriculture products by Hemisphere GPS help to minimise costs and maximise yields. The eDriveX automated steering solution reduces the potential for skips or overlaps and enables farmers to apply seed and chemicals only where they are needed – minimising application costs and increasing productivity. Outback Guidance products are designed to be easy to install, operate and deliver a quick return on investment.


"Our new OEM relationship with YTO helps us build upon our position in China’s rapidly growing precision farming market,” said Steven Koles, President and CEO of Hemisphere GPS. "YTO’s successful history in farm machinery combined with one of the world’s largest agriculture markets adds up to significant potential for Hemisphere GPS.”

Last updated: 27/02/2020