FIG President Handover - 29/11/2010

During a small and intimate handover ceremony at the FIG Office in Copenhagen, Denmark, CheeHai Teo took over office as president of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) from Professor Stig Enemark. Enemark lead the Federation for the last four years. Teo was elected during the past FIG Congress in Sydney, last April.

According to the speech from Paul van der Molen, professor at the ITC in The Netherlands, Enemark was successful in telling the world about the importance of the role of the surveyor. Dr. Chrissy Potsiou, FIG Council Member from Greece, shared how Enemark gained the admiration of the FIG Council during his years of office. Enemark, who got elected under the motto ‘Fly High, But Keep your Feet on the Ground' was praised for his down-to-earth attitude and his other motto ‘Have Fun ‘. He got a standing ovation when he concluded his term by saying ‘FIG is in great shape.'

CheeHai Teo is taking over as president. Teo, Malyasian-born and educated in Australia as surveyor, wants to carry on the vision of Enemark in the next coming years, in order to increase the significance of the role of the surveyor in societies, economy and environmental matters.

The ceremonies in Copenhagen were followed by a reception lunch and a canal tour through the snowy harbour of the Danish capital. FIG will present a new Work Plan 2011-2014, which is to be accepted by the General Assembly in Marrakesh, during the Working Week in May 2011.

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