French Surveyors’ GNSS - 16/03/2005

The French Order of Chartered Surveyors (Ordre des Géomètres Experts) has set itself the objective of completing a GNSS network over the national territory. This network will allow positioning in real time with a precision better than an inch (2.5cm) anywhere within France. About five hundred surveyors, one third of the profession, already support the network. The project will begin during the first quarter of 2005 and the network will be completely rolled out across the entire country by the end of 2005. It will benefit from the labelling of reference stations by the IGN for ensuring their integration into the Permanent GPS Network (PGN). The result will be a homogeneous, cohesive and structured network. In addition to this scientific partnership, the Order of Chartered Surveyors (OCS) also secured the support of French institutional partners such as the Directorate General for Taxes (DGI), the Institute of Geophysics (IPG) and the Association of Territorial Engineers of France (AITF). For the implementation of the large-scale project, the OCS has obtained the partnership of Martec Tekelec Services and Thales Navigation, and that of the German Geo ++.

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