Fugro Surveys 100,000km with FLI-MAP - 10/03/2005

In the last quarter of 2004, Fugro (The Netherlands) completed the survey of more than 100,000 kilometres using their helicopter-based laser altimetry system FLI-MAP. The 100,000th kilometre was surveyed for Estereofoto (Portugal). Since 1999, the two companies have jointly executed numerous projects in Portugal, Spain and the Czech Republic with, in total, 6,000 survey kilometres. FLI-MAP was developed by Fugro and integrates LiDAR, with photo and video sensors and GPS to obtain highly accurate topographic information of corridors. The system has been used on all continents except Antarctica. In addition to the FLI-MAP system, Fugro owns and operates ALS50 and SHOALS 1000-T fixed wing LiDAR systems as well as LiDAR bathymetry services.

Last updated: 03/04/2020