Geospatial intelligence in disaster response: the Turkey-Syria earthquakes

Geospatial intelligence in disaster response: the Turkey-Syria earthquakes

Satellite images give a glimpse of the challenge facing rescue crews and highlight the widespread destruction in cities, towns and villages in regions of Turkey and Syria following the two major earthquakes on 6 February 2023. The earthquakes and subsequent aftershocks have caused thousands of fatalities and left tens of thousands more people injured and homeless in freezing temperatures.

European Space Imaging has acquired high-resolution satellite imagery of affected areas in Turkey using GeoEye-1, including Islahiye, Nurdağı and Bahçe. The images reveal damaged residential areas, temporary tents set up on soccer fields, and heavy congestion on roads and highways, many of which have been closed due to earthquake damage. This link (and also this one) provides imagery updates and pre-earthquake comparisons, and European Space Imaging will continue to monitor and release imagery of multiple affected areas in Turkey.

Live map based on geospatial data

The United Nations Satellite Centre (UNOSAT) provides a live map displaying geospatial data related to the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. UNOSAT uses geospatial technologies and satellite image analysis during disaster and conflict situations to support humanitarian relief efforts. The map provides a visual overview of structures that have or may have been damaged by the earthquake, offering valuable information for relief and disaster response organizations in their efforts to respond to the ongoing crisis.

UNOSAT map reveals extensive damage to structures in Islahiye city after earthquakes. (Image courtesy: (Earthstar Geographics, HDX, USGS/EMSC/JRC/UNOSAT, powered by Esri)
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