Geospatial Intelligence Summit - 16/06/2010

Heads of Geospatial Intelligence, GIS, remote sensing, operations, imagery and analysis will be able to meet at the Geospatial Intelligence Summit, to be held in Vienna (Austria) on 29th and 30th September 2010. The conference will provide a forum to discuss and debate the development of GIS capabilities across the globe.

It will address the use of geospatial information in scenarios such as international conflicts, humanitarian disasters, crime, security, border control, arms treaty monitoring and global climate change.

A fundamental objective of the conference is to help end user organisations understand how they can best take full advantage of GIS capabilities in strategy and decision making.

Amongst the key speakers are: Professor Mike Jackson, Centre for Geospatial Intelligence, University of Nottingham, board member, OGC, director; Lt Col (GS) Helmut Nasler, Response Forces Operations Command, German Armed Forces, head of geoinformation branch and chief geo officer; Robert Burkhardt, US Army Geospatial Centre, SES director.

Key topics discussed are developing an effective GIS strategy; How to maximise co-operation accross national defence and security organisations; moving from geo-information to geo-intelligence .

There are opportunities for speakers and to support the event.

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