Geosystem ING Enhances Field Survey Solution with SuperSurv

Supergeo Technologies, the Taiwan-based GIS software provider, has announced that SuperSurv, a smart mobile GIS app for Android and iOS handheld devices, has successfully assisted Geosystem ING, Colombia, in expanding its mobile GIS solutions.

Having three branches in Colombia, Panama and Guatemala, Geosystem ING has a wide customer base with its professional services. After the acquisitions in 2008, Geosystem became the leader supplier in Latin America. The company’s expertise focuses on measuring and surveying hardware, mainly used for measurement, geometry, mapping, drafting, construction, etc.

The mobile GIS app, SuperSurv, is an application designed for spatial information collection, available on both iOS and Android. SuperSurv provides multiple functions, such as data capture, map display, on-screen measurement, query, and so on. The unique mapping app is also capable of online and offline GIS editing, and supports users to apply OpenStreetMap as free survey base map.

Integrating with GIS and GPS technologies, SuperSurv is able to support real-time outdoor GIS data collection to greatly enhance quality and efficiency. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets in geospatial industry, SuperSurv is showing its possibility in the global GIS market.