German Mosaic - 22/12/2010

RapidEye‘s first large-scale mosaic is now available. Consisting of 750 tiles covering 25 x 25 km² areas, this contiguous satellite image covers Germany in its entirety. Michael Prechtel, marketing director at RapidEye said that the company can provide up-to-date satellite imagery as well as multi-temporal data sets. The German mosaic can be used as reference material for applications such as natural disasters, safety, environment, agriculture, forestry, water conservation, transport and spatial planning. For example, extensions of municipal and industrial areas, or changes in forests, fields and meadows can be obtained.

RapidEye's German mosaic has been presented to the Center for Satellite Based Crisis Information at the DLR that will use it as a reference for crisis mapping. The Center for Satellite Based Crisis Information (ZKI) supports humanitarian aid efforts in crisis regions with quick satellite image maps when a disaster occurs. The ZKI is integrated into national and international networks and involved with the disaster management initiative (SPIDER) within the United Nations (UN). The German mosaic was developed for the project DeSecure, which aims to improve satellite-based crisis information in Germany.

Last updated: 16/06/2019